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Zgenebio Co.

3F., No.245, Jilin Rd.
Zhongshan Dist.
Taipei City
104, Taiwan

Phone Contact Information

Phone:  886-2-25361850
Fax:  886-2-25571100


Our company has obtained research funding to develop high-throughput vector assembly/construction for TALEN/CRISPR gene targeting systems to serve the Xenopus research community. We have  used a new version of TALEN/CRISPR background to assembly TALEN RVD units or gRNA sequences. In zebrafish system, the success rate to generate indels is around 70-95% by using High Resolution Melting (HRM) assay at F0 generation. For F1 germ-line transmission rate is around 50-90% when we do the fin clip genotyping (see our website for detail information, 

The price for KO vector construction is as low as USD $500 (CRISPR) - $1,500 (TALEN).
We can finish the vector construction jobs within three working days and deliver to your office within one week and with in vivo activity guarantee.

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