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Organization Type Description
Taipei [etc.] Chinese Physiological Society Publisher
Tarrytown Ny : Elsevier Science Publisher
Tarrytown Ny : Elsevier Science Inc Publisher
Tarrytown, NY : Elsevier Publisher
Tarrytown, NY : Elsevier Science Publisher
Taylor & Francis Publisher
Taylor & Francis AS Publisher
Taylor & Francis Group Publisher
Tecniplast Company Aquatic systems provider with global distribution. XenoPlus housing systems offers: Superior Materials Unique Technical Features User Friendly Design Monitoring System with Automated Maintenance Reminders Installation Flexibility
Tehran : Pasteur Institute of Iran Publisher
Tehran : School of Pharmacy, Shaheed Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Health Services Publisher
The Association Publisher
The Biochemical Society University The Biochemical Society promotes the advancement of the Molecular Biosciences, representing the interests of all those working in the sector. The Society recognises that the discipline of cBiochemistryc now encompasses the entire breadth of Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences and this is reflected in the range of our activities and our strapline c cAdvancing Molecular Biosciencesc. We also believe that we are part of a Bioscience community with a proliferation of learned societies with whom we work to foster a community of Bioscientists, thereby delivering our mission more effectively. The Biochemical Society is one of four owner societies working together at Charles Darwin House to strengthen the voice of Biology and create a national hub for our subject. Our belief is that Biology is made stronger through collaboration that brings together the diverse skills, opinions and expertise of individual member Societies. This is the principle that underpins Charles Darwin House. Portland Press Limited is the wholly owned publishing subsidiary of the Biochemical Society. It is a publisher of journals and books in the molecular biosciences, including two open access journals.
The Company of Biologists Ltd Publisher
The Federation Publisher
The Federation, Publisher
The Hague : Kluwer Academic Publisher
The Institute Of Physiology Of The Czechoslovak Academy Of Sciences University
The International Journal of Developmental Biology Publisher
The Physiological Society Non-Governmental Organization Physiology is the science of how humans and other animals function in an integrated way and is the basis for many biological and clinical sciences. The Society supports research to advance the understanding of physiology and disease, as well as education and public engagement to develop an informed society. The charitable purposes of The Society are to support and sustain the discipline of physiology through the advancement of science and education and thereby the advancement of human and animal health. The benefits provided by The Society are in the form of: the publication of scientific journals; the holding of meetings and conferences to disseminate advances in physiology; the provision of educational resources to support the understanding and encourage the study of physiology; the provision of grants to support attendance at scientific meetings and the promotion of the importance of physiology to the public, through free public lectures and other outreach activities to provide an insight into how basic research translates directly to improving human health. We support our Members who conduct research, providing that this is within the principles of UK and European legislation. The beneficiaries of The Society include those involved in research, teaching or studying physiology in universities, industry, colleges and schools. Members of the public who wish to learn more about physiology are beneficiaries and all will ultimately benefit from physiological advances that promote health and treat disease. Further beneficiaries are other charities promoting science, education and health.

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