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Jacek Z. Kubiak


Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology

Research Description

Expertise: cell cycle, oocyte maturation, early development, mouse, Xenopus laevis, M-phase regulation, cytoskeleton, spindle assembly checkpoint, protein ubiquitination, protein phosphorylation, protein degradation, proteomics, cyclins, CDKs, MAP kinase ERK1/2, EP45, TCTP.

Ongoing Research:
Ubiquitinated proteome in regulation of mitotic progression; 
Proteomic analysis of proteome substrates upon mitosis; 
Proteomics of oocyte maturation and the M-phase entry; 
Single cell proteomics.

Lab Memberships

Kubiak Lab (Principal Investigator/Director)


CNRS and University of Rennes 1
Institute of Genetics & Development of Rennes (IGDR)
UMR 6290,
Faculty of Medicine


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