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Janine M. Ziermann



Research Description

My research interests focus on muscle evolution and development in vertebrates, in particular head and neck muscles. During the past years I have investigated the evolution and embryonic development in vertebrates. 

Xenopus laevis was my very first species to study the cranial muscle development. Followed by the comparison of the timing of cranial muscle development between anurans, caudates and the australian lungfish. Recently this was highlighted by a comparison of Xenopus, Rana and the "direct" developing Eleutherodactylus coqui where I compared the changes in musclular system between larval and adult configuration in order to identify the developmental pattern of those muscles in E. coqui. 

Now I am back to Xenopus research and I am looking forward to some new insights due to expression patterns of genes that specify specific cranial muscles groups.


Department of Anatomy
Howard University
College of Medicine
Washington DC


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