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Profile Publications(92)

Sally A. Moody


Professor of Anatomy and Regenerative Biology

Research Description

Research Interests

   1. The role of maternal determinant molecules in establishing neural fates
   2. A gene regulatory network involved in neural plate development
   3. Specification of cranial placode ectoderm
   4. Specification of retinal stem cells and amacrine cell phenotypes
   5. The upstream regulatory regions of a neuron-specific β-tubulin gene
   6. Neural stem cells
   7. Fate maps in Xenopus laevis

Lab Memberships

Moody Lab (Principal Investigator/Director)


Dept. Anatomy and Regenerative Biology
George Washington University Medical Center
2300 I Street NW
Washington, DC
20037, USA


Web Page:

General/Lab Phone:  202-994-3515
Phone:  202-994-2878
Fax:  202-994-8885

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