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Nicolas Pollet

Group leader

Laboratoire EGCE
CNRS bat 13
1, avenue de la Terrasse
F-91198, France

General/Lab Fax:  +33 1 69 82 37 10
Phone:  +33 1 69 82 37 10

Research Description

The scientific question that we tackle is the comparative and evolutive study of the complexity of genome structure in the amphibians. In particular we focus on :

    The metagenomes as a  genome community of species living in tight interaction (commensalism, symbiosis, parasitism…).
    Genomes of extreme size and the enigma of the C value (polyploidisation, re-diploidisation, B-chromosome, repeated DNA…).
    The dynamic of genome (B chromosome, mosaicisation inside an individual, horizontal transfer, polymorphisms, germinal-somatic  rearrangements ).

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