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Profile Publications(21)

Michael J. Gilchrist

Programme Leader Track

Division of Systems Biology
MRC National Institute for Medical Research
The Ridgeway
Mill Hill, London
NW7 1AA, United Kingdom

Phone:  (44) 208 816 2451
Fax:  (44) 208 906 4477

Research Description

Group leader in the Division of Systems Biology at the National Institute of Medical Research, London, UK.

In general my work concerns gene regulatory networks in early development.
Specifically I am looking at the onset of zygotic transcription and the initiation of asynchronous embryonic development in vertebrates, using an unbiased genomics approach.

I also work on the analysis and annotation of in situ image data, and am a member of both the Xenopus resources development group and the Xenopus genome steering committee.

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