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Monica Palmada



Research Description

PI3-kinase signal transduction in diabetes and cancer; molecular mechanisms of cancer cell metastasis and radiation/chemotherapy resistance; tumor suppressor genes with emphasis on NHERF scaffold proteins; transgenic mouse models

Current studies in our lab focus on:

    -Identification of molecular signals targeting the activity and surface expression of insulin-sensitive glucose transport proteins (phosphorylation, ubiquitination, endosomal recycling)
    -Functional characterization and localization of facilitative glucose transporter GLUT12 in tumor cells
    -Role of nutrient (glucose) uptake in decreased sensitivity to radiation and chemotherapy: contribution of glucose transporters to radiation survival, glucose transporter expression levels as a predictive marker of radioresistance
    -Significance of NHERF/Akt/SGK interaction in cancer cell growth and metastasis
    -Generation of transgenic mouse model

Lab Memberships

Palmada Lab (Principal Investigator/Director)




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