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Dr.  Zhenbin Zhang


Research Assistant Professor

Research Description

The microreactor-based platform has great potential for single cell proteomics analysis. Currently, a single blastomere of Xenopus embryo is used as a model. A single blastomere has hundreds of nanogram to microgram amounts of proteins depending on embryo stage, and they are significantly different starting from the 8-cell stage. More importantly, the single cell proteomic work on those blastomeres from the same and different stages will be invaluable for understanding blastomere lineage. In terms of sample preparation, we will inject the single cell into the SCX monolith, then do online lysis, reduction and digestion. The sample loss will be decreased to the minimum because the sample was retained on the SCX monolith during all the sample preparation steps. After online digestion, the peptides can be eluted by using single or pH gradient elution for CE-MS or LC-MS analysis.


University of Notre Dame
University of Notre Dame
University of Notre Dame, University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN
46556, USA


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