Xenbase v4.11 Release
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Xenbase v4.11 Release

NGS data processing from GEO:

Xenbase developed standardized pipelines processing all Xenopus data available from GEO/SRA.

As of the Xenbase v4.11 release, 62% of the available GSMs (964/1547) have been processed.

648 tracks - 525 RNA-Seq, 123 ChIP-Seq, are available on JBrowse.

Details on each GEO series (GSE) are summarized on GSE pages (example).

Search GEO data on Xenbase here.

Download GEO data files from the Xenbase FTP.

View video: Xenbase JBrowse tutorial: Exploring GEO tracks with the faceted track selector

Also availabe: X. laevis protein expression data on gene pages.

Last Updated: 2019-03-22
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