IXB Young Investigator Award
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IXB Young Investigator Award

The International Xenopus Board (IXB) Young Investigator Award recognizes an outstanding junior faculty member from any country who has made significant scientific achievements using Xenopus as a model.  Awardees will be recognized at the International Xenopus Conference in Portsmouth, UK (August 23-27, 2020) where they will present an award lecture. Awardees also will receive funds from the IXB toward travel to the meeting.

Nominations for the Young Investigator Award should be submitted to the IXB at Xenopus@Xenopus.org


Submit the application in a single PDF file that includes:

•  A letter of nomination describing the candidate’s research using Xenopus, and its importance to the field.

• The nominee’s C.V.


Nominations must be received by June 30th, 2020.


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