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Papers associated with lct.2

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GATA4 Is Sufficient to Establish Jejunal Versus Ileal Identity in the Small Intestine., Thompson CA, Wojta K, Pulakanti K, Rao S, Dawson P, Battle MA., Cell Mol Gastroenterol Hepatol. May 1, 2017; 3 (3): 422-446.                        

Identification of interacting partners of Human Mpv17-like protein with a mitigating effect of mitochondrial dysfunction through mtDNA damage., Iida R, Ueki M, Yasuda T., Free Radic Biol Med. October 1, 2015; 87 336-45.

Developmental expression of intestinal surfactant-like particles in rats., Eliakim R, Becich MJ, Green K, Alpers DH., Am J Physiol. August 1, 1991; 261 (2 Pt 1): G269-79.

Processing, turnover and release of corticotropins, endorphins and melanotropin in the toad pituitary intermediate lobe., Loh YP., Ciba Found Symp. January 1, 1981; 81 55-78.

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