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The TRPV3 channel of the bovine rumen: localization and functional characterization of a protein relevant for ruminal ammonia transport., Liebe F, Liebe H, Kaessmeyer S, Sponder G, Stumpff F., Pflugers Arch. January 1, 2020; 472 (6): 693-710.                      

Conserved allosteric pathways for activation of TRPV3 revealed through engineering vanilloid-sensitivity., Zhang F, Swartz KJ, Jara-Oseguera A., Elife. January 1, 2019; 8             

Calcium Signaling in Vertebrate Development and Its Role in Disease., Paudel S, Sindelar R, Saha M., Int J Mol Sci. October 30, 2018; 19 (11):     

The Xenopus tropicalis orthologue of TRPV3 is heat sensitive., Liu B, Qin F., J Gen Physiol. November 1, 2015; 146 (5): 411-21.            

Direct action and modulating effect of (+)- and (-)-nicotine on ion channels expressed in trigeminal sensory neurons., Schreiner BS, Lehmann R, Thiel U, Ziemba PM, Beltrán LR, Sherkheli MA, Jeanbourquin P, Hugi A, Werner M, Gisselmann G, Hatt H., Eur J Pharmacol. April 5, 2014; 728 48-58.

Camphor modulates TRPV3 cation channels activity by interacting with critical pore-region cysteine residues., Sherkheli MA, Vogt-Eisele AK, Weber K, Hatt H., Pak J Pharm Sci. May 1, 2013; 26 (3): 431-8.

Supercooling agent icilin blocks a warmth-sensing ion channel TRPV3., Sherkheli MA, Gisselmann G, Hatt H., ScientificWorldJournal. January 1, 2012; 2012 982725.          

Evolution of vertebrate transient receptor potential vanilloid 3 channels: opposite temperature sensitivity between mammals and western clawed frogs., Saito S, Fukuta N, Shingai R, Tominaga M., PLoS Genet. April 1, 2011; 7 (4): e1002041.              

Activation of TRPA1 channels by fenamate nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs., Hu H, Tian J, Zhu Y, Wang C, Xiao R, Herz JM, Wood JD, Zhu MX., Pflugers Arch. March 1, 2010; 459 (4): 579-92.

Characterization of selective TRPM8 ligands and their structure activity response (S.A.R) relationship., Sherkheli MA, Vogt-Eisele AK, Bura D, Beltrán Márques LR, Gisselmann G, Hatt H., J Pharm Pharm Sci. January 1, 2010; 13 (2): 242-53.

Identification and characterization of novel TRPV4 modulators., Vincent F, Acevedo A, Nguyen MT, Dourado M, DeFalco J, Gustafson A, Spiro P, Emerling DE, Kelly MG, Duncton MA., Biochem Biophys Res Commun. November 20, 2009; 389 (3): 490-4.

Monoterpenoids induce agonist-specific desensitization of transient receptor potential vanilloid-3 (TRPV3) ion channels., Sherkheli MA, Benecke H, Doerner JF, Kletke O, Vogt-Eisele AK, Gisselmann G, Hatt H., J Pharm Pharm Sci. January 1, 2009; 12 (1): 116-28.

Menthol derivative WS-12 selectively activates transient receptor potential melastatin-8 (TRPM8) ion channels., Ma S, G G, Ak VE, Jf D, H H., Pak J Pharm Sci. October 1, 2008; 21 (4): 370-8.

Pore region of TRPV3 ion channel is specifically required for heat activation., Grandl J, Hu H, Bandell M, Bursulaya B, Schmidt M, Petrus M, Patapoutian A., Nat Neurosci. September 1, 2008; 11 (9): 1007-13.

The TRPV3 mutation associated with the hairless phenotype in rodents is constitutively active., Xiao R, Tian J, Tang J, Zhu MX., Cell Calcium. April 1, 2008; 43 (4): 334-43.

A role of TRPA1 in mechanical hyperalgesia is revealed by pharmacological inhibition., Petrus M, Peier AM, Bandell M, Hwang SW, Huynh T, Olney N, Jegla T, Patapoutian A., Mol Pain. December 17, 2007; 3 40.                

Monoterpenoid agonists of TRPV3., Vogt-Eisele AK, Weber K, Sherkheli MA, Vielhaber G, Panten J, Gisselmann G, Hatt H., Br J Pharmacol. June 1, 2007; 151 (4): 530-40.

Evolution of thermoTRP ion channel homologs in vertebrates., Saito S, Shingai R., Physiol Genomics. November 27, 2006; 27 (3): 219-30.

Potentiation of TRPV3 channel function by unsaturated fatty acids., Hu HZ, Xiao R, Wang C, Gao N, Colton CK, Wood JD, Zhu MX., J Cell Physiol. July 1, 2006; 208 (1): 201-12.

2-aminoethoxydiphenyl borate is a common activator of TRPV1, TRPV2, and TRPV3., Hu HZ, Gu Q, Wang C, Colton CK, Tang J, Kinoshita-Kawada M, Lee LY, Wood JD, Zhu MX., J Biol Chem. August 20, 2004; 279 (34): 35741-8.

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