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Modeling of Genome-Wide Polyadenylation Signals in Xenopus tropicalis., Zhu S, Wu X, Fu H, Ye C, Chen M, Jiang Z, Jiang Z, Ji G., Front Genet. January 1, 2019; 10 647.          

Gene expression of the two developmentally regulated dermatan sulfate epimerases in the Xenopus embryo., Gouignard N, Schön T, Holmgren C, Strate I, Taşöz E, Wetzel F, Maccarana M, Pera EM., PLoS One. January 1, 2018; 13 (1): e0191751.                                                          

Musculocontractural Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and neurocristopathies: dermatan sulfate is required for Xenopus neural crest cells to migrate and adhere to fibronectin., Gouignard N, Maccarana M, Strate I, von Stedingk K, Malmström A, Pera EM., Dis Model Mech. January 1, 2016; 9 (6): 607-20.                      

Identification of the active site of DS-epimerase 1 and requirement of N-glycosylation for enzyme function., Pacheco B, Maccarana M, Goodlett DR, Malmström A, Malmström L., J Biol Chem. January 16, 2009; 284 (3): 1741-7.

Characterization of snRNA and snRNA-type genes in the pufferfish Fugu rubripes., Myslinski E, Krol A, Carbon P., Gene. April 14, 2004; 330 149-58.

An unusually compact external promoter for RNA polymerase III transcription of the human H1RNA gene., Myslinski E, Amé JC, Krol A, Carbon P., Nucleic Acids Res. June 15, 2001; 29 (12): 2502-9.

A nucleosome positioned in the distal promoter region activates transcription of the human U6 gene., Stünkel W, Kober I, Seifart KH., Mol Cell Biol. August 1, 1997; 17 (8): 4397-405.

Functional redundancy of promoter elements ensures efficient transcription of the human 7SK gene in vivo., Boyd DC, Turner PC, Watkins NJ, Gerster T, Murphy S., J Mol Biol. November 10, 1995; 253 (5): 677-90.

Promoter strength and structure dictate module composition in RNA polymerase III transcriptional activator elements., Myslinski E, Schuster C, Krol A, Carbon P., J Mol Biol. November 20, 1993; 234 (2): 311-8.

A factor with Sp1 DNA-binding specificity stimulates Xenopus U6 snRNA in vivo transcription by RNA polymerase III., Lescure A, Tebb G, Mattaj IW, Krol A, Carbon P., J Mol Biol. November 20, 1992; 228 (2): 387-94.

Genes for Xenopus laevis U3 small nuclear RNA., Savino R, Hitti Y, Gerbi SA., Nucleic Acids Res. October 25, 1992; 20 (20): 5435-42.

Characterization of a Xenopus laevis ribonucleoprotein endoribonuclease. Isolation of the RNA component and its expression during development., Bennett JL, Jeong-Yu S, Clayton DA., J Biol Chem. October 25, 1992; 267 (30): 21765-72.            

A transcriptional analysis of the gene encoding mouse U7 small nuclear RNA., Phillips SC, Turner PC., Gene. July 15, 1992; 116 (2): 181-6.

Cooperation between CCAAT and octamer motifs in the distal sequence element of the rat U3 small nucleolar RNA promoter., Ach RA, Weiner AM., Nucleic Acids Res. August 11, 1991; 19 (15): 4209-18.

The Xenopus U2 gene PSE is a single, compact, element required for transcription initiation and 3'' end formation., Parry HD, Tebb G, Mattaj IW., Nucleic Acids Res. May 25, 1989; 17 (10): 3633-44.

The Xenopus laevis U2 gene distal sequence element (enhancer) is composed of four subdomains that can act independently and are partly functionally redundant., Tebb G, Mattaj IW., Mol Cell Biol. April 1, 1989; 9 (4): 1682-90.

Positionally exact initiation is required for the formation of a stable RNA polymerase II transcription complex in vivo., Tebb G, Mattaj IW., EMBO J. December 1, 1988; 7 (12): 3785-92.

A common octamer motif binding protein is involved in the transcription of U6 snRNA by RNA polymerase III and U2 snRNA by RNA polymerase II., Carbon P, Murgo S, Ebel JP, Krol A, Tebb G, Mattaj LW., Cell. October 9, 1987; 51 (1): 71-9.

Functional characterization of X. laevis U5 snRNA genes., Kazmaier M, Tebb G, Mattaj IW., EMBO J. October 1, 1987; 6 (10): 3071-8.

Only two of the four sites of interaction with nuclear factors within the Xenopus U2 gene promoter are necessary for efficient transcription., Tebb G, Bohmann D, Mattaj IW., Nucleic Acids Res. August 25, 1987; 15 (16): 6437-53.

A transcription factor which binds to the enhancers of SV40, immunoglobulin heavy chain and U2 snRNA genes., Bohmann D, Keller W, Dale T, Schöler HR, Tebb G, Mattaj IW., Nature. January 15, 1987; 325 (6101): 268-72.

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