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Sprouty2 regulates positioning of retinal progenitors through suppressing the Ras/Raf/MAPK pathway., Sun J, Yoon J, Lee M, Hwang YS, Daar IO., Sci Rep. August 13, 2020; 10 (1): 13752.                      

Phosphorylation Dynamics Dominate the Regulated Proteome during Early Xenopus Development., Peuchen EH, Cox OF, Sun L, Hebert AS, Coon JJ, Champion MM, Dovichi NJ, Huber PW., Sci Rep. November 15, 2017; 7 (1): 15647.                          

Phosphorylation of Dishevelled by protein kinase RIPK4 regulates Wnt signaling., Huang X, McGann JC, Liu BY, Hannoush RN, Lill JR, Pham V, Newton K, Kakunda M, Liu J, Yu C, Hymowitz SG, Hongo JA, Wynshaw-Boris A, Polakis P, Harland RM, Dixit VM., Science. March 22, 2013; 339 (6126): 1441-5.

A role for Syndecan-4 in neural induction involving ERK- and PKC-dependent pathways., Kuriyama S, Mayor R., Development. February 1, 2009; 136 (4): 575-84.                    

Regulation of anion exchanger Slc26a6 by protein kinase C., Hassan HA, Mentone S, Karniski LP, Rajendran VM, Aronson PS., Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. April 1, 2007; 292 (4): C1485-92.

Noncanonical Wnt Signaling through G Protein-Linked PKCdelta Activation Promotes Bone Formation., Tu X, Joeng KS, Nakayama KI, Nakayama K, Rajagopal J, Carroll TJ, McMahon AP, Long F., Dev Cell. January 1, 2007; 12 (1): 113-27.

Differential modulation of a polymorphism in the COOH terminus of the alpha-subunit of the human epithelial sodium channel by protein kinase Cdelta., Yan W, Suaud L, Kleyman TR, Rubenstein RC., Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. February 1, 2006; 290 (2): F279-88.

FGF signal interpretation is directed by Sprouty and Spred proteins during mesoderm formation., Sivak JM, Petersen LF, Amaya E., Dev Cell. May 1, 2005; 8 (5): 689-701.      

PKC delta is essential for Dishevelled function in a noncanonical Wnt pathway that regulates Xenopus convergent extension movements., Kinoshita N, Iioka H, Miyakoshi A, Ueno N., Genes Dev. July 1, 2003; 17 (13): 1663-76.                    

Protein kinase C isoform antagonism controls BNaC2 (ASIC1) function., Berdiev BK, Xia J, Jovov B, Markert JM, Mapstone TB, Gillespie GY, Fuller CM, Bubien JK, Benos DJ., J Biol Chem. November 29, 2002; 277 (48): 45734-40.

Activation of protein kinase Ceta triggers cortical granule exocytosis in Xenopus oocytes., Gundersen CB, Kohan SA, Chen Q, Iagnemma J, Umbach JA., J Cell Sci. March 15, 2002; 115 (Pt 6): 1313-20.

Recombinant C1b domain of PKCdelta triggers meiotic maturation upon microinjection in Xenopus laevis oocytes., Aroca P, Santos E, Kazanietz MG., FEBS Lett. October 13, 2000; 483 (1): 27-32.

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