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Papers associated with pkd2 (and morpholino)

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Hepatocystin is Essential for TRPM7 Function During Early Embryogenesis.
Overton JD, Komiya Y, Mezzacappa C, Nama K, Cai N, Lou L, Fedeles SV, Habas R, Runnels LW.
Sci Rep. September 21, 2015; 5 18395.

TRPP2-dependent Ca2+ signaling in dorso-lateral mesoderm is required for kidney field establishment in Xenopus.
Futel M, Leclerc C, Le Bouffant R, Buisson I, Néant I, Umbhauer M, Moreau M, Riou JF.
J Cell Sci. March 1, 2015; 128 (5): 888-99.

The heterotaxy gene GALNT11 glycosylates Notch to orchestrate cilia type and laterality.
Boskovski MT, Yuan S, Pedersen NB, Goth CK, Makova S, Clausen H, Brueckner M, Khokha MK.
Nature. December 19, 2013; 504 (7480): 456-9.

The RNA-binding protein bicaudal C regulates polycystin 2 in the kidney by antagonizing miR-17 activity.
Tran U, Zakin L, Schweickert A, Agrawal R, Döger R, Blum M, De Robertis EM, Wessely O.
Development. April 1, 2010; 137 (7): 1107-16.

Zebrafish mutations affecting cilia motility share similar cystic phenotypes and suggest a mechanism of cyst formation that differs from pkd2 morphants.
Sullivan-Brown J, Schottenfeld J, Okabe N, Hostetter CL, Serluca FC, Thiberge SY, Burdine RD.
Dev Biol. February 15, 2008; 314 (2): 261-75.

Polaris and Polycystin-2 in dorsal forerunner cells and Kupffer''s vesicle are required for specification of the zebrafish left-right axis.
Bisgrove BW, Snarr BS, Emrazian A, Yost HJ.
Dev Biol. November 15, 2005; 287 (2): 274-88.

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