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Extreme nuclear branching in healthy epidermal cells of the Xenopus tail fin., Arbach HE, Harland-Dunaway M, Chang JK, Wills AE., J Cell Sci. January 1, 2018; 131 (18):

TAK1 promotes BMP4/Smad1 signaling via inhibition of erk MAPK: a new link in the FGF/BMP regulatory network., Liu C, Goswami M, Talley J, Chesser-Martinez PL, Lou CH, Sater AK., Differentiation. April 1, 2012; 83 (4): 210-9.                  

Local translation of extranuclear lamin B promotes axon maintenance., Yoon BC, Jung H, Dwivedy A, O'Hare CM, Zivraj KH, Holt CE., Cell. February 17, 2012; 148 (4): 752-64.                              

The different function of single phosphorylation sites of Drosophila melanogaster lamin Dm and lamin C., Zaremba-Czogalla M, Piekarowicz K, Wachowicz K, Kozioł K, Dubińska-Magiera M, Rzepecki R., PLoS One. January 1, 2012; 7 (2): e32649.              

Embryonic and adult isoforms of XLAP2 form microdomains associated with chromatin and the nuclear envelope., Chmielewska M, Dubińska-Magiera M, Sopel M, Rzepecka D, Hutchison CJ, Goldberg MW, Rzepecki R., Cell Tissue Res. April 1, 2011; 344 (1): 97-110.          

The nucleoporin Nup188 controls passage of membrane proteins across the nuclear pore complex., Theerthagiri G, Eisenhardt N, Schwarz H, Antonin W., J Cell Biol. June 28, 2010; 189 (7): 1129-42.              

A requirement for epsin in mitotic membrane and spindle organization., Liu Z, Zheng Y., J Cell Biol. August 24, 2009; 186 (4): 473-80.          

Apoptosis leads to a degradation of vital components of active nuclear transport and a dissociation of the nuclear lamina., Kramer A, Liashkovich I, Oberleithner H, Ludwig S, Mazur I, Shahin V., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. August 12, 2008; 105 (32): 11236-41.

Filaments made from A- and B-type lamins differ in structure and organization., Goldberg MW, Goldberg MW, Huttenlauch I, Hutchison CJ, Stick R., J Cell Sci. January 15, 2008; 121 (Pt 2): 215-25.

Differential nuclear remodeling of mammalian somatic cells by Xenopus laevis oocyte and egg cytoplasm., Alberio R, Johnson AD, Stick R, Campbell KH., Exp Cell Res. July 1, 2005; 307 (1): 131-41.

The myristoylation site of meiotic lamin C2 promotes local nuclear membrane growth and the formation of intranuclear membranes in somatic cultured cells., Prüfert K, Alsheimer M, Benavente R, Krohne G., Eur J Cell Biol. June 1, 2005; 84 (6): 637-46.

Emerin expression in early development of Xenopus laevis., Gareiss M, Eberhardt K, Krüger E, Kandert S, Böhm C, Zentgraf H, Müller CR, Dabauvalle MC., Eur J Cell Biol. March 1, 2005; 84 (2-3): 295-309.

The nuclear lamina in Heidelberg and Würzburg: a personal view., Krohne G, Benavente R, Scheer U, Dabauvalle MC., Eur J Cell Biol. March 1, 2005; 84 (2-3): 163-79.

Studies of the properties of human origin recognition complex and its Walker A motif mutants., Giordano-Coltart J, Ying CY, Gautier J, Hurwitz J., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. January 4, 2005; 102 (1): 69-74.

Intranuclear membrane structure formations by CaaX-containing nuclear proteins., Ralle T, Grund C, Franke WW, Stick R., J Cell Sci. December 1, 2004; 117 (Pt 25): 6095-104.          

The nuclear envelope lamina network has elasticity and a compressibility limit suggestive of a molecular shock absorber., Dahl KN, Kahn SM, Wilson KL, Discher DE., J Cell Sci. September 15, 2004; 117 (Pt 20): 4779-86.

The lamin B receptor of Drosophila melanogaster., Wagner N, Weber D, Seitz S, Krohne G., J Cell Sci. April 15, 2004; 117 (Pt 10): 2015-28.

The lamina-associated polypeptide 2 (LAP2) isoforms beta, gamma and omega of zebrafish: developmental expression and behavior during the cell cycle., Schoft VK, Beauvais AJ, Lang C, Gajewski A, Prüfert K, Winkler C, Akimenko MA, Paulin-Levasseur M, Krohne G., J Cell Sci. June 15, 2003; 116 (Pt 12): 2505-17.

Distinct AAA-ATPase p97 complexes function in discrete steps of nuclear assembly., Hetzer M, Meyer HH, Walther TC, Bilbao-Cortes D, Warren G, Mattaj IW., Nat Cell Biol. December 1, 2001; 3 (12): 1086-91.

Microtubule-dependent assembly of the nuclear envelope in Xenopus laevis egg extract., Ewald A, Zünkler C, Lourim D, Dabauvalle MC., Eur J Cell Biol. November 1, 2001; 80 (11): 678-91.

Distribution of emerin during the cell cycle., Dabauvalle MC, Müller E, Ewald A, Kress W, Krohne G, Müller CR., Eur J Cell Biol. October 1, 1999; 78 (10): 749-56.

Subcellular distribution of the Xenopus p58/lamin B receptor in oocytes and eggs., Gajewski A, Krohne G., J Cell Sci. August 1, 1999; 112 ( Pt 15) 2583-96.

Translational control of nuclear lamin B1 mRNA during oogenesis and early development of Xenopus., Ralle T, Gremmels D, Stick R., Mech Dev. June 1, 1999; 84 (1-2): 89-101.

Molecular characterization and developmentally regulated expression of Xenopus lamina-associated polypeptide 2 (XLAP2)., Lang C, Paulin-Levasseur M, Gajewski A, Alsheimer M, Benavente R, Krohne G., J Cell Sci. March 1, 1999; 112 ( Pt 5) 749-59.                

Chromatin binding and polymerization of the endogenous Xenopus egg lamins: the opposing effects of glycogen and ATP., Lourim D, Krohne G., J Cell Sci. December 18, 1998; 111 ( Pt 24) 3675-86.

The role of keratin filaments during nuclear envelope reassembly in Xenopus egg extracts., Zhang B, Chen Y, Han Z, Ris H, Zhai Z., FEBS Lett. May 22, 1998; 428 (1-2): 52-6.

Cell cycle modulation of protein-DNA interactions at a human replication origin., Abdurashidova G, Riva S, Biamonti G, Giacca M, Falaschi A., EMBO J. May 15, 1998; 17 (10): 2961-9.

Characterization and quantitation of three B-type lamins in Xenopus oocytes and eggs: increase of lamin LI protein synthesis during meiotic maturation., Lourim D, Kempf A, Krohne G., J Cell Sci. July 1, 1996; 109 ( Pt 7) 1775-85.

Xenopus lamin B3 has a direct role in the assembly of a replication competent nucleus: evidence from cell-free egg extracts., Goldberg M, Jenkins H, Allen T, Whitfield WG, Hutchison CJ., J Cell Sci. November 1, 1995; 108 ( Pt 11) 3451-61.

Immunocytochemistry of annulate lamellae: potential cell biological markers for studies of cell differentiation and pathology., Cordes VC, Gajewski A, Stumpp S, Krohne G., Differentiation. April 1, 1995; 58 (4): 307-12.

Membrane-associated lamins in Xenopus egg extracts: identification of two vesicle populations., Lourim D, Krohne G., J Cell Biol. November 1, 1993; 123 (3): 501-12.                  

Nuclei that lack a lamina accumulate karyophilic proteins and assemble a nuclear matrix., Jenkins H, Hölman T, Lyon C, Lane B, Stick R, Hutchison C., J Cell Sci. September 1, 1993; 106 ( Pt 1) 275-85.

Structural organization of the human gene encoding nuclear lamin A and nuclear lamin C., Lin F, Worman HJ., J Biol Chem. August 5, 1993; 268 (22): 16321-6.

Gene structure and chromosomal localization of the murine lamin B2 gene., Zewe M, Höger TH, Fink T, Lichter P, Krohne G, Franke WW., Eur J Cell Biol. December 1, 1991; 56 (2): 342-50.

Spontaneous assembly of pore complex-containing membranes ("annulate lamellae") in Xenopus egg extract in the absence of chromatin., Dabauvalle MC, Loos K, Merkert H, Scheer U., J Cell Biol. March 1, 1991; 112 (6): 1073-82.

Differential expression of nuclear lamin proteins during chicken development., Lehner CF, Stick R, Eppenberger HM, Nigg EA., J Cell Biol. July 1, 1987; 105 (1): 577-87.

Change of karyoskeleton during spermatogenesis of Xenopus: expression of lamin LIV, a nuclear lamina protein specific for the male germ line., Benavente R, KrohneG null., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. September 1, 1985; 82 (18): 6176-80.          

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