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Papers associated with K(lysine) acetyltransferase 5

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Unc-51 like kinase 1 (ULK1) in silico analysis for biomarker identification: a vital component of autophagy., Randhawa R, Sehgal M, Singh TR, Duseja A, Changotra H., Gene. May 10, 2015; 562 (1): 40-9.

Discovery, identification and sequence analysis of RNAs selected for very short or long poly A tail in immature bovine oocytes., Gohin M, Fournier E, Dufort I, Sirard MA., Mol Hum Reprod. February 1, 2014; 20 (2): 127-38.

Piccolo NuA4-catalyzed acetylation of nucleosomal histones: critical roles of an Esa1 Tudor/chromo barrel loop and an Epl1 enhancer of polycomb A (EPcA) basic region., Huang J, Tan S., Mol Cell Biol. January 1, 2013; 33 (1): 159-69.

Molecular phylogeny of OVOL genes illustrates a conserved C2H2 zinc finger domain coupled by hypervariable unstructured regions., Kumar A, Bhandari A, Sinha R, Sardar P, Sushma M, Goyal P, Goswami C, Grapputo A., PLoS One. January 1, 2012; 7 (6): e39399.                

The human monocytic leukemia zinc finger histone acetyltransferase domain contains DNA-binding activity implicated in chromatin targeting., Holbert MA, Sikorski T, Carten J, Snowflack D, Hodawadekar S, Marmorstein R., J Biol Chem. December 14, 2007; 282 (50): 36603-13.

Nucleosome recognition by the Piccolo NuA4 histone acetyltransferase complex., Berndsen CE, Selleck W, McBryant SJ, Hansen JC, Tan S, Denu JM., Biochemistry. February 27, 2007; 46 (8): 2091-9.

Contrasting effects of cPLA2 on epithelial Na+ transport., Worrell RT, Bao HF, Denson DD, Eaton DC., Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. July 1, 2001; 281 (1): C147-56.

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