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Amphibian oocyte nuclei expressing lamin A with the progeria mutation E145K exhibit an increased elastic modulus., Kaufmann A, Heinemann F, Radmacher M, Stick R., Nucleus. July 1, 2011; 2 (4): 310-9.

Functional coupling between the extracellular matrix and nuclear lamina by Wnt signaling in progeria., Hernandez L, Roux KJ, Wong ES, Mounkes LC, Mutalif R, Navasankari R, Rai B, Cool S, Jeong JW, Wang H, Lee HS, Kozlov S, Grunert M, Keeble T, Jones CM, Meta MD, Young SG, Daar IO, Burke B, Perantoni AO, Stewart CL., Dev Cell. September 14, 2010; 19 (3): 413-25.  

Influence of lamin A on the mechanical properties of amphibian oocyte nuclei measured by atomic force microscopy., Schäpe J, Prausse S, Radmacher M, Stick R., Biophys J. May 20, 2009; 96 (10): 4319-25.        

Barrier-to-autointegration factor phosphorylation on Ser-4 regulates emerin binding to lamin A in vitro and emerin localization in vivo., Bengtsson L, Wilson KL., Mol Biol Cell. March 1, 2006; 17 (3): 1154-63.

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