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Presynaptic protein synthesis required for NT-3-induced long-term synaptic modulation., Je HS, Ji Y, Wang Y, Yang F, Wu W, Lu B., Mol Brain. November 3, 2011; 4 1.        

EYA1 mutations associated with the branchio-oto-renal syndrome result in defective otic development in Xenopus laevis., Li Y, Manaligod JM, Weeks DL., Biol Cell. May 1, 2010; 102 (5): 277-92.                  

Enhancement of axonal regeneration by in vitro conditioning and its inhibition by cyclopentenone prostaglandins., Tonge D, Chan K, Zhu N, Panjwani A, Arno M, Lynham S, Ward M, Snape A, Pizzey J., J Cell Sci. August 1, 2008; 121 (Pt 15): 2565-77.                        

BDNF promotes target innervation of Xenopus mandibular trigeminal axons in vivo., Huang JK, Dorey K, Ishibashi S, Amaya E., BMC Dev Biol. May 24, 2007; 7 59.                  

Spatial targeting of type II protein kinase A to filopodia mediates the regulation of growth cone guidance by cAMP., Han J, Han L, Tiwari P, Wen Z, Zheng JQ., J Cell Biol. January 1, 2007; 176 (1): 101-11.                  

Neurotrophin 3 induces structural and functional modification of synapses through distinct molecular mechanisms., Je HS, Yang F, Zhou J, Lu B., J Cell Biol. December 18, 2006; 175 (6): 1029-42.                  

Distinct mechanisms for neurotrophin-3-induced acute and long-term synaptic potentiation., Je HS, Zhou J, Yang F, Lu B., J Neurosci. December 14, 2005; 25 (50): 11719-29.

Neurotrophin-independent attraction of growing sensory and motor axons towards developing Xenopus limb buds in vitro., Tonge DA, Pountney DJ, Leclere PG, Zhu N, Pizzey JA., Dev Biol. January 1, 2004; 265 (1): 169-80.                

Ca2+ influx-independent synaptic potentiation mediated by mitochondrial Na(+)-Ca2+ exchanger and protein kinase C., Yang F, He XP, Russell J, Lu B., J Cell Biol. November 10, 2003; 163 (3): 511-23.                    

The extracellular domain of p75NTR is necessary to inhibit neurotrophin-3 signaling through TrkA., Mischel PS, Smith SG, Vining ER, Valletta JS, Mobley WC, Reichardt LF., J Biol Chem. April 6, 2001; 276 (14): 11294-301.

Regulation of acetylcholine release by extracellular matrix proteins at developing motoneurons in Xenopus cell cultures., Fu WM, Shih YC, Chen SY, Tsai PH., J Neurosci Res. February 15, 2001; 63 (4): 320-9.

PI-3 kinase and IP3 are both necessary and sufficient to mediate NT3-induced synaptic potentiation., Yang F, He X, Feng L, Mizuno K, Liu XW, Russell J, Xiong WC, Lu B., Nat Neurosci. January 1, 2001; 4 (1): 19-28.

PI-3 kinase and IP3: partners in NT3-induced synaptic transmission., Kaplan DR, Cooper E., Nat Neurosci. January 1, 2001; 4 (1): 5-7.

Programmed cell death in zebrafish rohon beard neurons is influenced by TrkC1/NT-3 signaling., Williams JA, Barrios A, Gatchalian C, Rubin L, Wilson SW, Holder N., Dev Biol. October 15, 2000; 226 (2): 220-30.

Intracellular Ca(2+) and Ca(2+)/calmodulin-dependent kinase II mediate acute potentiation of neurotransmitter release by neurotrophin-3., He X, Yang F, Xie Z, Lu B., J Cell Biol. May 15, 2000; 149 (4): 783-92.            

Neurotrophins enhance electric field-directed growth cone guidance and directed nerve branching., McCaig CD, Sangster L, Stewart R., Dev Dyn. March 1, 2000; 217 (3): 299-308.

Synaptic activity modulates presynaptic excitability., Nick TA, Ribera AB., Nat Neurosci. February 1, 2000; 3 (2): 142-9.

Long-range signaling within growing neurites mediated by neurotrophin-3., Chang S, Popov SV., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. March 30, 1999; 96 (7): 4095-100.            

Regulation of quantal secretion by neurotrophic factors at developing motoneurons in Xenopus cell cultures., Liou JC, Yang RS, Fu WM., J Physiol. August 15, 1997; 503 ( Pt 1) 129-39.

cAMP-induced switching in turning direction of nerve growth cones., Song HJ, Ming GL, Poo MM., Nature. July 17, 1997; 388 (6639): 275-9.

Activity-dependent expression of NT-3 in muscle cells in culture: implications in the development of neuromuscular junctions., Xie K, Wang T, Olafsson P, Mizuno K, Lu B., J Neurosci. May 1, 1997; 17 (9): 2947-58.

Regulation of quantal secretion from developing motoneurons by postsynaptic activity-dependent release of NT-3., Liou JC, Fu WM., J Neurosci. April 1, 1997; 17 (7): 2459-68.

Naturally occurring truncated trkB receptors have dominant inhibitory effects on brain-derived neurotrophic factor signaling., Eide FF, Vining ER, Eide BL, Zang K, Wang XY, Reichardt LF., J Neurosci. May 15, 1996; 16 (10): 3123-9.          

Brain-derived neurotrophic factor, neurotrophin-3, and neurotrophin-4 bind to a single leucine-rich motif of TrkB., Windisch JM, Marksteiner R, Lang ME, Auer B, Schneider R., Biochemistry. September 5, 1995; 34 (35): 11256-63.

Neurotrophins promote maturation of developing neuromuscular synapses., Wang T, Xie K, Lu B., J Neurosci. July 1, 1995; 15 (7 Pt 1): 4796-805.                

Role of variable beta-hairpin loop in determining biological specificities in neurotrophin family., Ilag LL, Lönnerberg P, Persson H, Ibáñez CF., J Biol Chem. August 5, 1994; 269 (31): 19941-6.

Neurotrophins and their receptors--current concepts and implications for neurologic disease., Eide FF, Lowenstein DH, Reichardt LF., Exp Neurol. June 1, 1993; 121 (2): 200-14.

Potentiation of developing neuromuscular synapses by the neurotrophins NT-3 and BDNF., Lohof AM, Ip NY, Poo MM., Nature. May 27, 1993; 363 (6427): 350-3.

Similarities and differences in the way neurotrophins interact with the Trk receptors in neuronal and nonneuronal cells., Ip NY, Stitt TN, Tapley P, Klein R, Glass DJ, Fandl J, Greene LA, Barbacid M, Yancopoulos GD., Neuron. February 1, 1993; 10 (2): 137-49.

Function and evolution in the NGF family and its receptors., Ebendal T., J Neurosci Res. August 1, 1992; 32 (4): 461-70.

Expression of neurotrophin-4 mRNA during oogenesis in Xenopus laevis., Ibáñez CF, Hallböök F, Godeau F, Persson H., Int J Dev Biol. June 1, 1992; 36 (2): 239-45.        

Comparison of mammalian, chicken and Xenopus brain-derived neurotrophic factor coding sequences., Isackson PJ, Towner MD, Huntsman MM., FEBS Lett. July 22, 1991; 285 (2): 260-4.

Evolutionary studies of the nerve growth factor family reveal a novel member abundantly expressed in Xenopus ovary., Hallböök F, Ibáñez CF, Persson H., Neuron. May 1, 1991; 6 (5): 845-58.

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