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Regeneration of Xenopus laevis spinal cord requires Sox2/3 expressing cells.
Muñoz R, Edwards-Faret G, Moreno M, Zuñiga N, Cline H, Larraín J.
Dev Biol. December 15, 2015; 408 (2): 229-43.

Sox21 regulates the progression of neuronal differentiation in a dose-dependent manner.
Whittington N, Cunningham D, Le TK, De Maria D, Silva EM.
Dev Biol. January 15, 2015; 397 (2): 237-47.

The phosphorylation status of Ascl1 is a key determinant of neuronal differentiation and maturation in vivo and in vitro.
Ali FR, Cheng K, Kirwan P, Metcalfe S, Livesey FJ, Barker RA, Philpott A.
Development. June 1, 2014; 141 (11): 2216-24.

Sp8 regulates inner ear development.
Chung HA, Medina-Ruiz S, Harland RM.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. April 29, 2014; 111 (17): 6329-34.

The Prdm13 histone methyltransferase encoding gene is a Ptf1a-Rbpj downstream target that suppresses glutamatergic and promotes GABAergic neuronal fate in the dorsal neural tube.
Hanotel J, Bessodes N, Thélie A, Hedderich M, Parain K, Van Driessche B, Brandão Kde O, Kricha S, Jorgensen MC, Grapin-Botton A, Serup P, Van Lint C, Perron M, Pieler T, Henningfeld KA, Bellefroid EJ.
Dev Biol. February 15, 2014; 386 (2): 340-57.

Ascl1 as a novel player in the Ptf1a transcriptional network for GABAergic cell specification in the retina.
Mazurier N, Parain K, Parlier D, Pretto S, Hamdache J, Vernier P, Locker M, Bellefroid E, Perron M.
PLoS One. January 1, 2014; 9 (3): e92113.

Maturin is a novel protein required for differentiation during primary neurogenesis.
Martinez-De Luna RI, Ku RY, Lyou Y, Zuber ME.
Dev Biol. December 1, 2013; 384 (1): 26-40.

Regulation of neurogenesis by Fgf8a requires Cdc42 signaling and a novel Cdc42 effector protein.
Hulstrand AM, Houston DW.
Dev Biol. October 15, 2013; 382 (2): 385-99.

NumbL is essential for Xenopus primary neurogenesis.
Nieber F, Hedderich M, Jahn O, Pieler T, Henningfeld KA.
BMC Dev Biol. January 1, 2013; 13 36.

sox4 and sox11 function during Xenopus laevis eye development.
Cizelsky W, Hempel A, Metzig M, Tao S, Hollemann T, Kühl M, Kühl SJ.
PLoS One. January 1, 2013; 8 (7): e69372.

AP-1(c-Jun/FosB) mediates xFoxD5b expression in Xenopus early developmental neurogenesis.
Yoon J, Kim JH, Lee OJ, Lee SY, Lee SH, Park JB, Lee JY, Kim SC, Kim J.
Int J Dev Biol. January 1, 2013; 57 (11-12): 865-72.

PAPC and the Wnt5a/Ror2 pathway control the invagination of the otic placode in Xenopus.
Jung B, Köhler A, Schambony A, Wedlich D.
BMC Dev Biol. November 15, 2011; 11 36.

Focal adhesion kinase protein regulates Wnt3a gene expression to control cell fate specification in the developing neural plate.
Fonar Y, Gutkovich YE, Root H, Malyarova A, Aamar E, Golubovskaya VM, Elias S, Elkouby YM, Frank D.
Mol Biol Cell. July 1, 2011; 22 (13): 2409-21.

Functional analysis of Rfx6 and mutant variants associated with neonatal diabetes.
Pearl EJ, Jarikji Z, Horb ME.
Dev Biol. March 1, 2011; 351 (1): 135-45.

MicroRNA-9 reveals regional diversity of neural progenitors along the anterior-posterior axis.
Bonev B, Pisco A, Papalopulu N.
Dev Cell. January 18, 2011; 20 (1): 19-32.

Yes-associated protein 65 (YAP) expands neural progenitors and regulates Pax3 expression in the neural plate border zone.
Gee ST, Milgram SL, Kramer KL, Conlon FL, Moody SA.
PLoS One. January 1, 2011; 6 (6): e20309.

Neural crest migration requires the activity of the extracellular sulphatases XtSulf1 and XtSulf2.
Guiral EC, Faas L, Pownall ME.
Dev Biol. May 15, 2010; 341 (2): 375-88.

Xenopus Meis3 protein lies at a nexus downstream to Zic1 and Pax3 proteins, regulating multiple cell-fates during early nervous system development.
Gutkovich YE, Ofir R, Elkouby YM, Dibner C, Gefen A, Elias S, Frank D.
Dev Biol. February 1, 2010; 338 (1): 50-62.

Xenopus insm1 is essential for gastrointestinal and pancreatic endocrine cell development.
Horb LD, Horb LD, Jarkji ZH, Horb ME.
Dev Dyn. October 1, 2009; 238 (10): 2505-10.

The tetraspanin Tm4sf3 is localized to the ventral pancreas and regulates fusion of the dorsal and ventral pancreatic buds.
Jarikji Z, Horb LD, Shariff F, Mandato CA, Cho KW, Horb ME.
Development. June 1, 2009; 136 (11): 1791-800.

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