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Maximizing CRISPR/Cas9 phenotype penetrance applying predictive modeling of editing outcomes in Xenopus and zebrafish embryos., Naert T, Tulkens D, Edwards NA, Carron M, Shaidani NI, Wlizla M, Boel A, Demuynck S, Horb ME, Coucke P, Willaert A, Zorn AM, Vleminckx K, Vleminckx K., Sci Rep. September 4, 2020; 10 (1): 14662.                      

Retrograde intraciliary trafficking of opsin during the maintenance of cone-shaped photoreceptor outer segments of Xenopus laevis., Tian G, Lodowski KH, Lee R, Imanishi Y., J Comp Neurol. November 1, 2014; 522 (16): 3577-3589.            

Retrograde intraciliary trafficking of opsin during the maintenance of cone-shaped photoreceptor outer segments of Xenopus laevis., Tian G, Lodowski KH, Lee R, Imanishi Y., J Comp Neurol. November 1, 2014; 522 (16): Spc1.

Submembrane assembly and renewal of rod photoreceptor cGMP-gated channel: insight into the actin-dependent process of outer segment morphogenesis., Nemet I, Tian G, Imanishi Y., J Neurosci. June 11, 2014; 34 (24): 8164-74.                  

An unconventional secretory pathway mediates the cilia targeting of peripherin/rds., Tian G, Ropelewski P, Nemet I, Lee R, Lodowski KH, Imanishi Y., J Neurosci. January 15, 2014; 34 (3): 992-1006.                      

A single valine residue plays an essential role in peripherin/rds targeting to photoreceptor outer segments., Salinas RY, Baker SA, Gospe SM, Arshavsky VY., PLoS One. January 1, 2013; 8 (1): e54292.        

Prominin-1 localizes to the open rims of outer segment lamellae in Xenopus laevis rod and cone photoreceptors., Han Z, Anderson DW, Papermaster DS., Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. January 25, 2012; 53 (1): 361-73.

In situ visualization of protein interactions in sensory neurons: glutamic acid-rich proteins (GARPs) play differential roles for photoreceptor outer segment scaffolding., Ritter LM, Khattree N, Tam B, Moritz OL, Schmitz F, Goldberg AF., J Neurosci. August 3, 2011; 31 (31): 11231-43.              

Identification of the pre-T-cell receptor alpha chain in nonmammalian vertebrates challenges the structure-function of the molecule., Smelty P, Marchal C, Renard R, Sinzelle L, Pollet N, Dunon D, Jaffredo T, Sire JY, Fellah JS., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. November 16, 2010; 107 (46): 19991-6.        

Characterization of peripherin/rds and rom-1 transport in rod photoreceptors of transgenic and knockout animals., Lee ES, Burnside B, Flannery JG., Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. May 1, 2006; 47 (5): 2150-60.

Role of peripherin/rds in vertebrate photoreceptor architecture and inherited retinal degenerations., Goldberg AF., Int Rev Cytol. January 1, 2006; 253 131-75.

Transgenic animal studies of human retinal disease caused by mutations in peripherin/rds., Ding XQ, Naash MI., Adv Exp Med Biol. January 1, 2006; 572 141-6.

Gastrulation in amphibian embryos, regarded as a succession of biomechanical feedback events., Beloussov LV, Luchinskaya NN, Ermakov AS, Glagoleva NS., Int J Dev Biol. January 1, 2006; 50 (2-3): 113-22.                      

Uncoupling of photoreceptor peripherin/rds fusogenic activity from biosynthesis, subunit assembly, and targeting: a potential mechanism for pathogenic effects., Ritter LM, Boesze-Battaglia K, Tam BM, Moritz OL, Khattree N, Chen SC, Goldberg AF., J Biol Chem. September 17, 2004; 279 (38): 39958-67.

The C terminus of peripherin/rds participates in rod outer segment targeting and alignment of disk incisures., Tam BM, Moritz OL, Papermaster DS., Mol Biol Cell. April 1, 2004; 15 (4): 2027-37.

Role of subunit assembly in autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa linked to mutations in peripherin 2., Molday RS, Molday LL, Loewen CJ., Novartis Found Symp. January 1, 2004; 255 95-112; discussion 113-6, 177-8.

The role of subunit assembly in peripherin-2 targeting to rod photoreceptor disk membranes and retinitis pigmentosa., Loewen CJ, Moritz OL, Tam BM, Papermaster DS, Molday RS., Mol Biol Cell. August 1, 2003; 14 (8): 3400-13.                  

Xenopus laevis red cone opsin and Prph2 promoters allow transgene expression in amphibian cones, or both rods and cones., Moritz OL, Peck A, Tam BM., Gene. October 2, 2002; 298 (2): 173-82.          

Investigating the mechanisms of retinal degenerations with antisense oligonucleotides., Jablonski MM., Doc Ophthalmol. May 1, 2001; 102 (3): 179-96.

Three homologs of rds/peripherin in Xenopus laevis photoreceptors that exhibit covalent and non-covalent interactions., Kedzierski W, Moghrabi WN, Allen AC, Jablonski-Stiemke MM, Azarian SM, Bok D, Travis GH., J Cell Sci. October 1, 1996; 109 ( Pt 10) 2551-60.                

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