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Papers associated with slc7a2.1

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A chimera carrying the functional domain of the orphan protein SLC7A14 in the backbone of SLC7A2 mediates trans-stimulated arginine transport., Jaenecke I, Boissel JP, Lemke M, Rupp J, Gasnier B, Closs EI., J Biol Chem. August 31, 2012; 287 (36): 30853-60.

Studies on Xenopus laevis intestine reveal biological pathways underlying vertebrate gut adaptation from embryo to adult., Heimeier RA, Das B, Buchholz DR, Fiorentino M, Shi YB., Genome Biol. January 1, 2010; 11 (5): R55.                    

Activation of classical protein kinase C decreases transport via systems y+ and y+L., Rotmann A, Simon A, MartinĂ© U, Habermeier A, Closs EI., Am J Physiol Cell Physiol. June 1, 2007; 292 (6): C2259-68.

Single-channel activities of the human epithelial Ca2+ transport proteins CaT1 and CaT2., Vassilev PM, Peng JB, Hediger MA, Brown EM., J Membr Biol. November 15, 2001; 184 (2): 113-20.

Structural conservation of the genes encoding CaT1, CaT2, and related cation channels., Peng JB, Brown EM, Hediger MA., Genomics. August 1, 2001; 76 (1-3): 99-109.

CAT2-mediated L-arginine transport and nitric oxide production in activated macrophages., Kakuda DK, Sweet MJ, Mac Leod CL, Hume DA, Markovich D., Biochem J. June 1, 1999; 340 ( Pt 2) 549-53.

Control of cationic amino acid transport and retroviral receptor functions in a membrane protein family., Kavanaugh MP, Wang H, Zhang Z, Zhang W, Wu YN, Dechant E, North RA, Kabat D., J Biol Chem. June 3, 1994; 269 (22): 15445-50.

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