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Foxm1 regulates neural progenitor fate during spinal cord regeneration., Pelzer D, Phipps LS, Thuret R, Gallardo-Dodd CJ, Baker SM, Dorey K., EMBO Rep. January 1, 2021; 22 (9): e50932.                        

Maternal pluripotency factors initiate extensive chromatin remodelling to predefine first response to inductive signals., Gentsch GE, Spruce T, Owens NDL, Smith JC., Nat Commun. January 1, 2019; 10 (1): 4269.                                        

The stability of Fbw7α in M-phase requires its phosphorylation by PKC., Zitouni S, Méchali F, Papin C, Choquet A, Roche D, Baldin V, Coux O, Bonne-Andrea C., PLoS One. January 1, 2017; 12 (8): e0183500.            

Early development of the neural plate: new roles for apoptosis and for one of its main effectors caspase-3., Juraver-Geslin HA, Durand BC., Genesis. February 1, 2015; 53 (2): 203-24.          

RSK promotes G2/M transition through activating phosphorylation of Cdc25A and Cdc25B., Wu CF, Liu S, Lee YC, Wang R, Sun S, Yin F, Bornmann WG, Yu-Lee LY, Gallick GE, Zhang W, Lin SH, Kuang J., Oncogene. May 1, 2014; 33 (18): 2385-94.

fus/TLS orchestrates splicing of developmental regulators during gastrulation., Dichmann DS, Harland RM., Genes Dev. June 15, 2012; 26 (12): 1351-63.                        

The role of RanGTP gradient in vertebrate oocyte maturation., Kaláb P, Solc P, Motlík J., Results Probl Cell Differ. January 1, 2011; 53 235-67.

Temporal and spatial expression patterns of Cdc25 phosphatase isoforms during early Xenopus development., Nakajo N, Deno YK, Ueno H, Kenmochi C, Shimuta K, Sagata N., Int J Dev Biol. January 1, 2011; 55 (6): 627-32.    

βTrCP-dependent degradation of CDC25B phosphatase at the metaphase-anaphase transition is a pre-requisite for correct mitotic exit., Thomas Y, Coux O, Baldin V., Cell Cycle. November 1, 2010; 9 (21): 4338-50.

MAPK pathway activation delays G2/M progression by destabilizing Cdc25B., Astuti P, Pike T, Widberg C, Payne E, Harding A, Hancock J, Gabrielli B., J Biol Chem. December 4, 2009; 284 (49): 33781-8.

Cell cycle control of wnt receptor activation., Davidson G, Shen J, Huang YL, Su Y, Karaulanov E, Bartscherer K, Hassler C, Stannek P, Boutros M, Niehrs C., Dev Cell. December 1, 2009; 17 (6): 788-99.    

Protein kinase A regulates resumption of meiosis by phosphorylation of Cdc25B in mammalian oocytes., Pirino G, Wescott MP, Donovan PJ., Cell Cycle. February 15, 2009; 8 (4): 665-70.

PKA and CDC25B: at last connected., Schultz R., Cell Cycle. February 15, 2009; 8 (4): 516-7.

FoxM1-driven cell division is required for neuronal differentiation in early Xenopus embryos., Ueno H, Nakajo N, Watanabe M, Isoda M, Sagata N., Development. June 1, 2008; 135 (11): 2023-30.          

Cell-cycle-dependent cortical localization of pEg3 protein kinase in Xenopus and human cells., Chartrain I, Couturier A, Tassan JP., Biol Cell. April 1, 2006; 98 (4): 253-63.

Beta-TrCP recognizes a previously undescribed nonphosphorylated destruction motif in Cdc25A and Cdc25B phosphatases., Kanemori Y, Uto K, Sagata N., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. May 3, 2005; 102 (18): 6279-84.

Biochemical characterization of Cdk2-Speedy/Ringo A2., Cheng A, Gerry S, Kaldis P, Solomon MJ., BMC Biochem. January 1, 2005; 6 19.              

Remote hot spots mediate protein substrate recognition for the Cdc25 phosphatase., Sohn J, Kristjánsdóttir K, Safi A, Parker B, Kiburz B, Rudolph J., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. November 23, 2004; 101 (47): 16437-41.

Phosphorylation of CDC25B by Aurora-A at the centrosome contributes to the G2-M transition., Dutertre S, Cazales M, Quaranta M, Froment C, Trabut V, Dozier C, Mirey G, Bouché JP, Theis-Febvre N, Schmitt E, Monsarrat B, Prigent C, Ducommun B., J Cell Sci. May 15, 2004; 117 (Pt 12): 2523-31.

Cyclin A/Cdk2 complexes regulate activation of Cdk1 and Cdc25 phosphatases in human cells., Mitra J, Enders GH., Oncogene. April 22, 2004; 23 (19): 3361-7.

Dual phosphorylation controls Cdc25 phosphatases and mitotic entry., Bulavin DV, Higashimoto Y, Demidenko ZN, Meek S, Graves P, Phillips C, Zhao H, Moody SA, Appella E, Piwnica-Worms H, Fornace AJ., Nat Cell Biol. June 1, 2003; 5 (6): 545-51.

Phosphorylation of Xenopus Cdc25C at Ser285 interferes with ability to activate a DNA damage replication checkpoint in pre-midblastula embryos., Bulavin DV, Demidenko ZN, Phillips C, Moody SA, Fornace AJ., Cell Cycle. May 1, 2003; 2 (3): 263-6.

Human pEg3 kinase associates with and phosphorylates CDC25B phosphatase: a potential role for pEg3 in cell cycle regulation., Davezac N, Baldin V, Blot J, Ducommun B, Tassan JP., Oncogene. October 31, 2002; 21 (50): 7630-41.

Small molecule peptidomimetics containing a novel phosphotyrosine bioisostere inhibit protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B and augment insulin action., Bleasdale JE, Ogg D, Palazuk BJ, Jacob CS, Swanson ML, Wang XY, Thompson DP, Conradi RA, Mathews WR, Laborde AL, Stuchly CW, Heijbel A, Bergdahl K, Bannow CA, Smith CW, Svensson C, Liljebris C, Schostarez HJ, May PD, Stevens FC, Larsen SD., Biochemistry. May 15, 2001; 40 (19): 5642-54.

Dual-specific Cdc25B phosphatase: in search of the catalytic acid., Chen W, Wilborn M, Rudolph J., Biochemistry. September 5, 2000; 39 (35): 10781-9.

Identification of a C-terminal cdc25 sequence required for promotion of germinal vesicle breakdown., Powers EA, Thompson DP, Garner-Hamrick PA, He W, Yem AW, Bannow CA, Staples DJ, Waszak GA, Smith CW, Deibel MR, Fisher C., Biochem J. May 1, 2000; 347 Pt 3 653-60.

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