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Papers associated with gcg.2

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Rational design of dimeric lipidated Xenopus glucagon-like peptide 1 analogues as long-acting antihyperglycaemic agents., Han J, Huang Y, Chen X, Zhou F, Fei Y, Fu J., Eur J Med Chem. September 5, 2018; 157 177-187.

A novel glucagon-related peptide (GCRP) and its receptor GCRPR account for coevolution of their family members in vertebrates., Park CR, Moon MJ, Park S, Kim DK, Cho EB, Millar RP, Hwang JI, Seong JY., PLoS One. January 1, 2013; 8 (6): e65420.              

Discovery of a novel glucagon-like peptide (GCGL) and its receptor (GCGLR) in chickens: evidence for the existence of GCGL and GCGLR genes in nonmammalian vertebrates., Wang Y, Meng F, Zhong Y, Huang G, Li J., Endocrinology. November 1, 2012; 153 (11): 5247-60.

The ubiquitous nuclear protein, NHP1, binds with high affinity to different sequences of the chicken vitellogenin II gene., Hughes MJ, Jost JP., Nucleic Acids Res. November 11, 1989; 17 (21): 8511-20.

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