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Genetic and Physiological Effects of Insulin on Human Urate Homeostasis., Mandal AK, Leask MP, Estiverne C, Choi HK, Merriman TR, Mount DB., Front Physiol. January 1, 2021; 12 713710.              

Dual actions on gout flare and acute kidney injury along with enhanced renal transporter activities by Yokuininto, a Kampo medicine., Lee SH, Lee HS, Park G, Oh SM, Oh DS., BMC Complement Altern Med. March 12, 2019; 19 (1): 57.        

Impacts of the MHC class I-like XNC10 and innate-like T cells on tumor tolerance and rejection in the amphibian Xenopus., Banach M, Edholm ES, Gonzalez X, Benraiss A, Robert J., Carcinogenesis. January 1, 2019; 40 (7): 924-935.

Targeting TMEM176B Enhances Antitumor Immunity and Augments the Efficacy of Immune Checkpoint Blockers by Unleashing Inflammasome Activation., Segovia M, Russo S, Jeldres M, Mahmoud YD, Perez V, Duhalde M, Charnet P, Rousset M, Victoria S, Veigas F, Louvet C, Vanhove B, Floto RA, Anegon I, Cuturi MC, Girotti MR, Rabinovich GA, Hill M., Cancer Cell. January 1, 2019; 35 (5): 767-781.e6.                                          

Estrone sulphate uptake by the microvillous membrane of placental syncytiotrophoblast is coupled to glutamate efflux., Lofthouse EM, Cleal JK, O'Kelly IM, Sengers BG, Lewis RM., Biochem Biophys Res Commun. January 1, 2018; 506 (1): 237-242.          

Organic anion transporters, OAT1 and OAT3, are crucial biopterin transporters involved in bodily distribution of tetrahydrobiopterin and exclusion of its excess., Ohashi A, Mamada K, Harada T, Naito M, Takahashi T, Aizawa S, Hasegawa H., Mol Cell Biochem. November 1, 2017; 435 (1-2): 97-108.        

Population-Specific Resequencing Associates the ATP-Binding Cassette Subfamily C Member 4 Gene With Gout in New Zealand Māori and Pacific Men., Tanner C, Boocock J, Stahl EA, Dobbyn A, Mandal AK, Cadzow M, Phipps-Green AJ, Topless RK, Hindmarsh JH, Stamp LK, Dalbeth N, Choi HK, Mount DB, Merriman TR., Arthritis Rheumatol. January 1, 2017; 69 (7): 1461-1469.

In vitro and physiologically-based pharmacokinetic based assessment of drug-drug interaction potential of canagliflozin., Mamidi RNVS, Dallas S, Sensenhauser C, Lim HK, Scheers E, Verboven P, Cuyckens F, Leclercq L, Evans DC, Kelley MF, Johnson MD, Snoeys J., Br J Clin Pharmacol. January 1, 2017; 83 (5): 1082-1096.

Transport of 3-fluoro-L-α-methyl-tyrosine (FAMT) by organic ion transporters explains renal background in [(18)F]FAMT positron emission tomography., Wei L, Tominaga H, Ohgaki R, Wiriyasermkul P, Hagiwara K, Okuda S, Kaira K, Kato Y, Oriuchi N, Nagamori S, Kanai Y., J Pharmacol Sci. February 1, 2016; 130 (2): 101-9.

Coevolution of MHC genes (LMP/TAP/class Ia, NKT-class Ib, NKp30-B7H6): lessons from cold-blooded vertebrates., Ohta Y, Flajnik MF., Immunol Rev. September 1, 2015; 267 (1): 6-15.

Nonclassical MHC-Restricted Invariant Vα6 T Cells Are Critical for Efficient Early Innate Antiviral Immunity in the Amphibian Xenopus laevis., Edholm ES, Grayfer L, De Jesús Andino F, Robert J, Robert J., J Immunol. July 15, 2015; 195 (2): 576-86.

Transporters involved in renal excretion of N-carbamoylglutamate, an orphan drug to treat inborn n-acetylglutamate synthase deficiency., Schwob E, Hagos Y, Burckhardt G, Burckhardt BC., Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. December 15, 2014; 307 (12): F1373-9.

Isthmin 1 is a secreted protein expressed in skin, mucosal tissues, and NK, NKT, and th17 cells., Valle-Rios R, Maravillas-Montero JL, Burkhardt AM, Martinez C, Buhren BA, Homey B, Gerber PA, Robinson O, Hevezi P, Zlotnik A., J Interferon Cytokine Res. October 1, 2014; 34 (10): 795-801.

Edoxaban transport via P-glycoprotein is a key factor for the drug''s disposition., Mikkaichi T, Yoshigae Y, Masumoto H, Imaoka T, Rozehnal V, Fischer T, Okudaira N, Izumi T., Drug Metab Dispos. April 1, 2014; 42 (4): 520-8.

Diuresis by intravenous administration of xanthurenic acid in rats, and inhibition by probenecid., Uwai Y, Nakashima Y, Honjo E, Kawasaki T, Nabekura T., Biomed Res. January 1, 2014; 35 (3): 223-6.

Rilpivirine inhibits drug transporters ABCB1, SLC22A1, and SLC22A2 in vitro., Moss DM, Liptrott NJ, Curley P, Siccardi M, Back DJ, Owen A., Antimicrob Agents Chemother. November 1, 2013; 57 (11): 5612-8.

Species differences of organic anion transporters involved in the renal uptake of 4-amino-3-chlorophenyl hydrogen sulfate, a metabolite of resatorvid, between rats and dogs., Takeuchi T, Jinno F, Ebihara T, Moriya Y, Kadotani R, Tagawa Y, Kondo T, Itoh T, Asahi S., Biopharm Drug Dispos. May 1, 2013; 34 (4): 236-46.

Transport of Kynurenic Acid by Rat Organic Anion Transporters rOAT1 and rOAT3: Species Difference between Human and Rat in OAT1., Uwai Y, Hara H, Iwamoto K., Int J Tryptophan Res. January 1, 2013; 6 1-6.      

Caffeic acid inhibits organic anion transporters OAT1 and OAT3 in rat kidney., Uwai Y, Kawasaki T, Nabekura T., Drug Metabol Drug Interact. January 1, 2013; 28 (4): 247-50.

Transport of xanthurenic acid by rat/human organic anion transporters OAT1 and OAT3., Uwai Y, Honjo E., Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. January 1, 2013; 77 (7): 1517-21.

Interaction and transport of kynurenic acid via human organic anion transporters hOAT1 and hOAT3., Uwai Y, Honjo H, Iwamoto K., Pharmacol Res. February 1, 2012; 65 (2): 254-60.

The nephrogenic potential of the transcription factors osr1, osr2, hnf1b, lhx1 and pax8 assessed in Xenopus animal caps., Drews C, Senkel S, Ryffel GU., BMC Dev Biol. November 15, 2011; 11 5.              

The large extracellular loop of organic cation transporter 1 influences substrate affinity and is pivotal for oligomerization., Keller T, Egenberger B, Gorboulev V, Bernhard F, Uzelac Z, Gorbunov D, Wirth C, Koppatz S, Dötsch V, Hunte C, Sitte HH, Koepsell H., J Biol Chem. October 28, 2011; 286 (43): 37874-86.

Linkage of organic anion transporter-1 to metabolic pathways through integrated "omics"-driven network and functional analysis., Ahn SY, Jamshidi N, Mo ML, Wu W, Eraly SA, Dnyanmote A, Bush KT, Gallegos TF, Sweet DH, Palsson BØ, Nigam SK., J Biol Chem. September 9, 2011; 286 (36): 31522-31.

Untargeted metabolomics identifies enterobiome metabolites and putative uremic toxins as substrates of organic anion transporter 1 (Oat1)., Wikoff WR, Nagle MA, Kouznetsova VL, Tsigelny IF, Nigam SK., J Proteome Res. June 3, 2011; 10 (6): 2842-51.

Raltegravir is a substrate for SLC22A6: a putative mechanism for the interaction between raltegravir and tenofovir., Moss DM, Kwan WS, Liptrott NJ, Smith DL, Siccardi M, Khoo SH, Back DJ, Owen A., Antimicrob Agents Chemother. February 1, 2011; 55 (2): 879-87.

Analysis of three-dimensional systems for developing and mature kidneys clarifies the role of OAT1 and OAT3 in antiviral handling., Nagle MA, Truong DM, Dnyanmote AV, Ahn SY, Eraly SA, Wu W, Nigam SK., J Biol Chem. January 7, 2011; 286 (1): 243-51.

Human sodium phosphate transporter 4 (hNPT4/SLC17A3) as a common renal secretory pathway for drugs and urate., Jutabha P, Anzai N, Kitamura K, Taniguchi A, Kaneko S, Yan K, Yamada H, Shimada H, Kimura T, Katada T, Fukutomi T, Tomita K, Urano W, Yamanaka H, Seki G, Fujita T, Moriyama Y, Yamada A, Uchida S, Wempe MF, Endou H, Sakurai H., J Biol Chem. November 5, 2010; 285 (45): 35123-32.

5-Hydroxy-L-tryptophan alters gaboxadol pharmacokinetics in rats: involvement of PAT1 and rOat1 in gaboxadol absorption and elimination., Larsen M, Holm R, Jensen KG, Sveigaard C, Brodin B, Nielsen CU., Eur J Pharm Sci. January 31, 2010; 39 (1-3): 68-75.

Interaction of organic cations with organic anion transporters., Ahn SY, Eraly SA, Tsigelny I, Nigam SK., J Biol Chem. November 6, 2009; 284 (45): 31422-30.

Molecular evidence for an involvement of organic anion transporters (OATs) in aristolochic acid nephropathy., Bakhiya N, Arlt VM, Bahn A, Burckhardt G, Phillips DH, Glatt H., Toxicology. October 1, 2009; 264 (1-2): 74-9.

Tumorigenesis and anti-tumor immune responses in Xenopus., Goyos A, Robert J., Front Biosci (Landmark Ed). January 1, 2009; 14 167-76.

Organic anion transporters OAT1 and OAT4 mediate the high affinity transport of glutarate derivatives accumulating in patients with glutaric acidurias., Hagos Y, Krick W, Braulke T, Mühlhausen C, Burckhardt G, Burckhardt BC., Pflugers Arch. October 1, 2008; 457 (1): 223-31.

Interaction of imatinib with human organic ion carriers., Hu S, Franke RM, Filipski KK, Hu C, Orwick SJ, de Bruijn EA, Burger H, Baker SD, Sparreboom A., Clin Cancer Res. May 15, 2008; 14 (10): 3141-8.

Overlapping in vitro and in vivo specificities of the organic anion transporters OAT1 and OAT3 for loop and thiazide diuretics., Vallon V, Rieg T, Ahn SY, Wu W, Eraly SA, Nigam SK., Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. April 1, 2008; 294 (4): F867-73.

Multi-level analysis of organic anion transporters 1, 3, and 6 reveals major differences in structural determinants of antiviral discrimination., Truong DM, Kaler G, Khandelwal A, Swaan PW, Nigam SK., J Biol Chem. March 28, 2008; 283 (13): 8654-63.

Involvement of uric acid transporters in alteration of serum uric acid level by angiotensin II receptor blockers., Sato M, Iwanaga T, Mamada H, Ogihara T, Yabuuchi H, Maeda T, Tamai I., Pharm Res. March 1, 2008; 25 (3): 639-46.

Involvement of rat and human organic anion transporter 3 in the renal tubular secretion of topotecan [(S)-9-dimethylaminomethyl-10-hydroxy-camptothecin hydrochloride]., Matsumoto S, Yoshida K, Ishiguro N, Maeda T, Tamai I., J Pharmacol Exp Ther. September 1, 2007; 322 (3): 1246-52.

The contribution of organic anion transporters OAT1 and OAT3 to the renal uptake of rosuvastatin., Windass AS, Lowes S, Wang Y, Brown CD., J Pharmacol Exp Ther. September 1, 2007; 322 (3): 1221-7.

Drug and toxicant handling by the OAT organic anion transporters in the kidney and other tissues., Nigam SK, Bush KT, Bhatnagar V., Nat Clin Pract Nephrol. August 1, 2007; 3 (8): 443-8.

The chloride dependence of the human organic anion transporter 1 (hOAT1) is blunted by mutation of a single amino acid., Rizwan AN, Krick W, Burckhardt G., J Biol Chem. May 4, 2007; 282 (18): 13402-9.

Variants in the SLCO1B3 gene: interethnic distribution and association with paclitaxel pharmacokinetics., Smith NF, Marsh S, Scott-Horton TJ, Hamada A, Mielke S, Mross K, Figg WD, Verweij J, McLeod HL, Sparreboom A., Clin Pharmacol Ther. January 1, 2007; 81 (1): 76-82.

The flounder organic anion transporter fOat has sequence, function, and substrate specificity similarity to both mammalian Oat1 and Oat3., Aslamkhan AG, Thompson DM, Perry JL, Bleasby K, Wolff NA, Barros S, Miller DS, Pritchard JB., Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. December 1, 2006; 291 (6): R1773-80.

Decreased renal organic anion secretion and plasma accumulation of endogenous organic anions in OAT1 knock-out mice., Eraly SA, Vallon V, Vaughn DA, Gangoiti JA, Richter K, Nagle M, Monte JC, Rieg T, Truong DM, Long JM, Barshop BA, Kaler G, Nigam SK., J Biol Chem. February 24, 2006; 281 (8): 5072-83.

Functional consequences of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the human organic anion transporter hOAT1 (SLC22A6)., Bleasby K, Hall LA, Perry JL, Mohrenweiser HW, Pritchard JB., J Pharmacol Exp Ther. August 1, 2005; 314 (2): 923-31.

The dietary polyphenol ellagic acid is a potent inhibitor of hOAT1., Whitley AC, Sweet DH, Walle T., Drug Metab Dispos. August 1, 2005; 33 (8): 1097-100.

Co-localization and interaction of organic anion transporter 1 with caveolin-2 in rat kidney., Kwak JO, Kim HW, Oh KJ, Kim DS, Han KO, Cha SH., Exp Mol Med. June 30, 2005; 37 (3): 204-12.

Transport mechanism and substrate specificity of human organic anion transporter 2 (hOat2 [SLC22A7])., Kobayashi Y, Ohshiro N, Sakai R, Ohbayashi M, Kohyama N, Yamamoto T., J Pharm Pharmacol. May 1, 2005; 57 (5): 573-8.

Presence of organic anion transporters 3 (OAT3) and 4 (OAT4) in human adrenocortical cells., Asif AR, Steffgen J, Metten M, Grunewald RW, Müller GA, Bahn A, Burckhardt G, Hagos Y., Pflugers Arch. May 1, 2005; 450 (2): 88-95.

Transport of the natural sweetener stevioside and its aglycone steviol by human organic anion transporter (hOAT1; SLC22A6) and hOAT3 (SLC22A8)., Srimaroeng C, Chatsudthipong V, Aslamkhan AG, Pritchard JB., J Pharmacol Exp Ther. May 1, 2005; 313 (2): 621-8.

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