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Proteomic analysis of fibroblastema formation in regenerating hind limbs of Xenopus laevis froglets and comparison to axolotl., Rao N, Song F, Jhamb D, Wang M, Milner DJ, Price NM, Belecky-Adams TL, Palakal MJ, Cameron JA, Li B, Chen X, Stocum DL., BMC Dev Biol. July 25, 2014; 14 32.                        

Interrogating transcriptional regulatory sequences in Tol2-mediated Xenopus transgenics., Loots GG, Bergmann A, Hum NR, Oldenburg CE, Wills AE, Hu N, Ovcharenko I, Harland RM., PLoS One. January 1, 2013; 8 (7): e68548.          

Early, nonciliary role for microtubule proteins in left-right patterning is conserved across kingdoms., Lobikin M, Wang G, Xu J, Hsieh YW, Chuang CF, Lemire JM, Levin M., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. July 31, 2012; 109 (31): 12586-91.                    

A novel role for Cdk1/cyclin B in regulating B-raf activation at mitosis., Borysov SI, Guadagno TM., Mol Biol Cell. July 1, 2008; 19 (7): 2907-15.

CK2 Is a component of the KSR1 scaffold complex that contributes to Raf kinase activation., Ritt DA, Zhou M, Conrads TP, Veenstra TD, Copeland TD, Morrison DK., Curr Biol. January 23, 2007; 17 (2): 179-84.

B-Raf is critical for MAPK activation during mitosis and is regulated in an M phase-dependent manner in Xenopus egg extracts., Borysov SI, Cheng AW, Guadagno TM., J Biol Chem. August 11, 2006; 281 (32): 22586-96.

B-Raf and C-Raf are required for Ras-stimulated p42 MAP kinase activation in Xenopus egg extracts., Yue J, Xiong W, Ferrell JE., Oncogene. June 1, 2006; 25 (23): 3307-15.

Phylogenetic footprinting and genome scanning identify vertebrate BMP response elements and new target genes., von Bubnoff A, Peiffer DA, Blitz IL, Hayata T, Ogata S, Zeng Q, Trunnell M, Cho KW., Dev Biol. May 15, 2005; 281 (2): 210-26.                                                      

Mechanism of activation of the RAF-ERK signaling pathway by oncogenic mutations of B-RAF., Wan PT, Garnett MJ, Roe SM, Lee S, Niculescu-Duvaz D, Good VM, Jones CM, Marshall CJ, Springer CJ, Barford D, Marais R, null null., Cell. March 19, 2004; 116 (6): 855-67.

Branchpoint selection in the splicing of U12-dependent introns in vitro., McConnell TS, Cho SJ, Frilander MJ, Steitz JA., RNA. May 1, 2002; 8 (5): 579-86.

Disruption of the 14-3-3 binding site within the B-Raf kinase domain uncouples catalytic activity from PC12 cell differentiation., MacNicol MC, Muslin AJ, MacNicol AM., J Biol Chem. February 11, 2000; 275 (6): 3803-9.

The immunophilin FKBP65 forms an association with the serine/threonine kinase c-Raf-1., Coss MC, Stephens RM, Morrison DK, Winterstein D, Smith LM, Simek SL., Cell Growth Differ. January 1, 1998; 9 (1): 41-8.

Purification of a Ras-dependent mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase kinase from bovine brain cytosol and its identification as a complex of B-Raf and 14-3-3 proteins., Yamamori B, Kuroda S, Shimizu K, Fukui K, Ohtsuka T, Takai Y., J Biol Chem. May 19, 1995; 270 (20): 11723-6.

raf oncogenes in carcinogenesis., Storm SM, Brennscheidt U, Sithanandam G, Rapp UR., Crit Rev Oncog. January 1, 1990; 2 (1): 1-8.

Genetic mapping in Xenopus laevis: eight linkage groups established., Graf JD., Genetics. October 1, 1989; 123 (2): 389-98.

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