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Asymmetries in kinesin-2 and cytoplasmic dynein contributions to melanosome transport., De Rossi MC, De Rossi ME, Sued M, Rodríguez D, Bruno L, Levi V., FEBS Lett. September 14, 2015; 589 (19 Pt B): 2763-8.

Exploring nervous system transcriptomes during embryogenesis and metamorphosis in Xenopus tropicalis using EST analysis., Fierro AC, Thuret R, Coen L, Perron M, Demeneix BA, Wegnez M, Gyapay G, Weissenbach J, Wincker P, Mazabraud A, Pollet N., BMC Genomics. July 10, 2007; 8 118.        

Kinesin-mediated transport of Smad2 is required for signaling in response to TGF-beta ligands., Batut J, Howell M, Hill CS., Dev Cell. February 1, 2007; 12 (2): 261-74.  

Protein kinase A, which regulates intracellular transport, forms complexes with molecular motors on organelles., Kashina AS, Semenova IV, Ivanov PA, Potekhina ES, Zaliapin I, Rodionov VI., Curr Biol. October 26, 2004; 14 (20): 1877-81.        

GBP binds kinesin light chain and translocates during cortical rotation in Xenopus eggs., Weaver C, Farr GH, Pan W, Rowning BA, Wang J, Mao J, Wu D, Li L, Larabell CA, Kimelman D., Development. November 1, 2003; 130 (22): 5425-36.              

Dynactin is required for bidirectional organelle transport., Deacon SW, Serpinskaya AS, Vaughan PS, Lopez Fanarraga M, Vernos I, Vaughan KT, Gelfand VI., J Cell Biol. February 3, 2003; 160 (3): 297-301.      

Interactions and regulation of molecular motors in Xenopus melanophores., Gross SP, Tuma MC, Deacon SW, Serpinskaya AS, Reilein AR, Gelfand VI., J Cell Biol. March 4, 2002; 156 (5): 855-65.                  

Analysis of heterodimer formation by Xklp3A/B, a newly cloned kinesin-II from Xenopus laevis., De Marco V, Burkhard P, Le Bot N, Vernos I, Hoenger A., EMBO J. July 2, 2001; 20 (13): 3370-9.

An autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease gene homolog is involved in intraflagellar transport in C. elegans ciliated sensory neurons., Qin H, Rosenbaum JL, Barr MM., Curr Biol. March 20, 2001; 11 (6): 457-61.

A dominant negative approach for functional studies of the kinesin II complex., Gelfand VI, Le Bot N, Tuma MC, Vernos I., Methods Mol Biol. January 1, 2001; 164 191-204.

Dynein, dynactin, and kinesin II''s interaction with microtubules is regulated during bidirectional organelle transport., Reese EL, Haimo LT., J Cell Biol. October 2, 2000; 151 (1): 155-66.              

Photoreceptor localization of the KIF3A and KIF3B subunits of the heterotrimeric microtubule motor kinesin II in vertebrate retina., Whitehead JL, Wang SY, Bost-Usinger L, Hoang E, Frazer KA, Burnside B., Exp Eye Res. November 1, 1999; 69 (5): 491-503.              

Regulation of melanosome movement in the cell cycle by reversible association with myosin V., Rogers SL, Karcher RL, Roland JT, Minin AA, Steffen W, Gelfand VI., J Cell Biol. September 20, 1999; 146 (6): 1265-76.              

Role of xklp3, a subunit of the Xenopus kinesin II heterotrimeric complex, in membrane transport between the endoplasmic reticulum and the Golgi apparatus., Le Bot N, Antony C, White J, Karsenti E, Vernos I., J Cell Biol. December 14, 1998; 143 (6): 1559-73.                

Heterotrimeric kinesin II is the microtubule motor protein responsible for pigment dispersion in Xenopus melanophores., Tuma MC, Zill A, Le Bot N, Vernos I, Gelfand V., J Cell Biol. December 14, 1998; 143 (6): 1547-58.            

Regulated bidirectional motility of melanophore pigment granules along microtubules in vitro., Rogers SL, Tint IS, Fanapour PC, Gelfand VI., Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. April 15, 1997; 94 (8): 3720-5.        

XCTK2: a kinesin-related protein that promotes mitotic spindle assembly in Xenopus laevis egg extracts., Walczak CE, Verma S, Mitchison TJ., J Cell Biol. February 24, 1997; 136 (4): 859-70.                

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