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The role of pparγ in embryonic development of Xenopus tropicalis under triphenyltin-induced teratogenicity., Zhu J, Huang X, Jiang H, Hu L, Michal JJ, Jiang Z, Shi H., Sci Total Environ. August 15, 2018; 633 1245-1252.

Transcriptomic and macroevolutionary evidence for phenotypic uncoupling between frog life history phases., Wollenberg Valero KC, Garcia-Porta J, Rodríguez A, Arias M, Shah A, Randrianiaina RD, Brown JL, Glaw F, Amat F, Künzel S, Metzler D, Isokpehi RD, Vences M., Nat Commun. January 1, 2017; 8 15213.      

Towards a humanized PPARγ reporter system for in vivo screening of obesogens., Punzon I, Latapie V, Le Mével S, Hagneau A, Jolivet P, Palmier K, Fini JB, Demeneix BA., Mol Cell Endocrinol. July 15, 2013; 374 (1-2): 1-9.

Regulation of lipoprotein lipase expression by effect of hawthorn flavonoids on peroxisome proliferator response element pathway., Fan C, Yan J, Qian Y, Wo X, Gao L., J Pharmacol Sci. January 1, 2006; 100 (1): 51-8.

A peroxisome proliferator response elements regulatory system in xenopus oocytes and its application., Yan J, Fan CL, Wo XD, Gao LP., Chin Med J (Engl). August 20, 2005; 118 (16): 1362-7.

Lipase evolution: trout, Xenopus and chicken have lipoprotein lipase and apolipoprotein C-II-like activity but lack hepatic lipase-like activity., Lindberg A, Olivecrona G., Biochim Biophys Acta. March 16, 1995; 1255 (2): 205-11.

Hepatic lipase: site-directed mutagenesis of a serine residue important for catalytic activity., Davis RC, Stahnke G, Wong H, Doolittle MH, Ameis D, Will H, Schotz MC., J Biol Chem. April 15, 1990; 265 (11): 6291-5.

Is vitellogenin an ancestor of apolipoprotein B-100 of human low-density lipoprotein and human lipoprotein lipase?, Baker ME., Biochem J. November 1, 1988; 255 (3): 1057-60.

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