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Papers associated with slc25a20.2

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Partial deficiency of thyroxine-binding globulin-Allentown is due to a mutation in the signal peptide., Fingerhut A, Reutrakul S, Knuedeler SD, Moeller LC, Greenlee C, Refetoff S, Janssen OE., J Clin Endocrinol Metab. May 1, 2004; 89 (5): 2477-83.

Gene expression screening in Xenopus identifies molecular pathways, predicts gene function and provides a global view of embryonic patterning., Gawantka V, Pollet N, Delius H, Vingron M, Pfister R, Nitsch R, Blumenstock C, Niehrs C., Mech Dev. October 1, 1998; 77 (2): 95-141.                                                            

Queuosine modification of the wobble base in tRNAHis influences ''in vivo'' decoding properties., Meier F, Suter B, Grosjean H, Keith G, Kubli E., EMBO J. March 1, 1985; 4 (3): 823-7.

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