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MiR-142-3p controls the specification of definitive hemangioblasts during ontogeny., Nimmo R, Ciau-Uitz A, Ruiz-Herguido C, Soneji S, Bigas A, Patient R, Enver T., Dev Cell. August 12, 2013; 26 (3): 237-49.                    

The proteasome alpha-subunit XAPC7 interacts specifically with Rab7 and late endosomes., Dong J, Chen W, Welford A, Wandinger-Ness A., J Biol Chem. May 14, 2004; 279 (20): 21334-42.

Identification of the Xenopus 20S proteasome alpha4 subunit which is modified in the meiotic cell cycle., Tokumoto M, Horiguchi R, Nagahama Y, Tokumoto T., Gene. November 1, 1999; 239 (2): 301-8.            

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