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Summary Expression Gene Literature (37) Nucleotides (280) Proteins (18) Interactants (36) Wiki

Genes co-cited with ybx2 in the literature
Link to Gene Page in IHOP (tropicalis)
Link to Gene Page in IHOP (laevis)
Link to Gene Page in IHOP (laevis)

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ybx1 6 article(s)
ddx6 4 article(s)
tgfbi 4 article(s)
lsm14a 3 article(s)
arhgef5 2 article(s)
ccnb1.2 2 article(s)
cpeb1 2 article(s)
gtf3a 2 article(s)
rcc1 2 article(s)
tdrd6 2 article(s)
ccnb1 1 article(s)
cdk1 1 article(s)
cdk20 1 article(s)
cirbp 1 article(s)
cyp26a1 1 article(s)
dnd1 1 article(s)
egfr 1 article(s)
eif3a 1 article(s)
eif4e 1 article(s)
eif4e1b 1 article(s)

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