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Gene: lrr1

Human interaction Co-citation Co-expression Co-regulation

IntAct human interaction data

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Level:        Number of genes by level:

2nd level Occurrence >=


Results 1 - 19 of 19 results

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CUL2 7 interactions
COPS6 6 interactions
COPS5 5 interactions
PFKFB4 5 interactions
MTUS2 3 interactions
PNMA2 3 interactions
TRIP13 3 interactions
ELOB 2 interactions
ELOC 2 interactions
RBX1 2 interactions
COPS2 1 interaction
COPS3 1 interaction
cops7a 1 interaction
COPS8 1 interaction
CUL5 1 interaction
RAB5C 1 interaction
RAPGEF2 1 interaction
RELL2 1 interaction
ZBTB38 1 interaction

Page(s): 1

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