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Gene Symbol: c6orf106

Gene Name: chromosome 6 open reading frame 106

Anatomy terms
brain ectoderm egg endomesoderm eye fat body head heart intestine limb lung ovary oviduct skeletal muscle spleen testis upper blastopore lip whole organism
Anatomy stages
unfertilized egg stage to frog
RNA-Seq and EST Transcriptome profiles tropicalis laevis.L laevis.S
Gurdon EST 1012077985 1012782271
Unigene EST Profile Str.52285 Xl.50175
RNA-Seq stage profile Data from Owens et al. 2016 Data from Session et al. 2016 Data from Session et al. 2016
GEO data c6orf106.L c6orf106.S
Stage and Tissue Profiles
                    Owens et al. 2016
                    Session et al. 2016
          Session et al. 2016

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