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Gene Symbol:

Gene Name:
hyaluronan synthase 2

XHas2 ( Add synonyms , Nomenclature history )

Gene Function:
extracellular matrix

Protein Function :
Catalyzes the addition of GlcNAc or GlcUA monosaccharides to the nascent hyaluronan polymer. Therefore, it is essential to hyaluronan synthesis a major component of most extracellular matrices that has...[+]

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Xenbase Gene ID XB-GENE-5775581 XB-GENE-17338978 XB-GENE-5775604
Gene Symbol has2 has2.L has2.S
Chromosome Chr06 chr6L chr6S
Molecules X. tropicalis X. laevis.L X. laevis.S
Genomic Sequence Version 9.1 Version 9.2 Version 9.2
CDS Gene model Gene model Gene model
Entrez Gene 100145711
mRNA RefSeq NCBI Nucleotide RefSeq
Protein NCBI Protein RefSeq  More.. NCBI Protein TrEMBL RefSeq Swiss-Prot  More..
X. tropicalis X. laevis.L X. laevis.S
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Genomic Synteny Genomicus PANTHER
Expression                  Development Stages    Embryonic TissuesAdult Tissues
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Xenbase Expression Details In situ images Single cell data at SPRING Ensembl In situ: Single cell: RNA-Seq:
Proteomics X. tropicalis X. laevis.L X. laevis.S
Embryonic Protein Expression Stage profile:
Data Mining X. tropicalis X. laevis.L X. laevis.S
XenMine has2 has2.L has2.S
Knowledgebases Entrez Gene Genetic Phenotypes Gene Expression
HGNC AGR, OMIM:Gene, GeneCards HAS2 OMIM Ensembl, Allen Brain Atlas, Protein Atlas
MGI, AGR Has2 MGI, IMPC Ensembl, Allen Brain Atlas, Eurexpress, MGI
RGD, AGR Has2 Ensembl
ZFIN, AGR has2 ZFIN Ensembl
fruit fly
First Molecular cloning and characterization of a putative mouse hyaluronan synthase., J Biol Chem 1996  
Most Recent Expression of hyaluronan synthases upregulated by thyroid hormone is involved in intestinal stem cell development during Xenopus laevis metamorphosis., Dev Genes Evol 2018  
All View All Papers 6 paper(s) referencing morpholinos
Functional Ontologies X. tropicalis X. laevis.L X. laevis.S
GO 19 terms 3 terms 10 terms
KEGG Pathways K00752 K00752 K00752
KOG [M] Chitin synthase/hyaluronan synthase (glycosyltransferases)
Reagents X. tropicalis X. laevis.L X. laevis.S
CRISPRscan Tracks has2
Morpholinos has2 MO1 , has2 MO2 , has2 MO3 has2 MO1 , has2 MO2 , has2 MO3 has2 MO1 , has2 MO2 , has2 MO3
Clones Horizon Source BioScience Horizon Horizon Source BioScience
Plasmids Addgene Addgene

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