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XB-GENEPAGE- 5865179

Gene Symbol: macrod2

Gene Name: MACRO domain containing 2

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Gene Function: Hismacro and SEC14 domain-containing proteins

Protein Function :
Removes ADP-ribose from glutamate residues in proteins bearing a single ADP-ribose moiety. Inactive towards proteins bearing poly-ADP-ribose. Deacetylates O-acetyl-ADP ribose, a signaling molecule gene...[+]

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Disease Ontology:

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Xenbase Gene ID XB-GENE-5865180 XB-GENE-17341478 XB-GENE-5865181
Gene Symbol macrod2 macrod2.L macrod2.S
Chromosome Chr05 chr5S
Molecules tropicalis laevis.L laevis.S
Gene Genomic sequence