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Gene Symbol: foxj2

Gene Name: forkhead box J2

Synonyms: mgc69377 Add Xenopus synonyms

Gene Function: forkhead domain transcription factor

Interactants: cer1(1) , dkk1(1) , foxj1(1) , foxj1.2(1) , foxq1(1) , frzb(1) , fzd1(1) View All

Disease Associations:
  XB-GENE-483646 XB-GENE-865002
Molecules tropicalis laevis
Gene GBrowse 8.0 GBrowse 7.1 GBrowse 4.1 JGI Genome 4.1 Ensembl 4.1 GBrowse 7.2 GBrowse 6.0
Entrez Gene
Entrez Gene
mRNA Refseq Refseq
Protein Refseq UniProtKB Refseq UniProtKB
Genomic tropicalis laevis
Genome Browser
tropicalis genome v8.0 gene model
laevis genome v7.2 gene model
tropicalis 4.1 synteny Metazome
Expression tropicalis laevis
UniGene Str.24177 [+] Xl.48692
Unigene EST Profile EST Profile EST Profile
GEO data GEO
Images 3 expression image(s) for tropicalis and laevis
Phenotype tropicalis laevis
Smith Morpholino Screen    
MOD Entrez Gene Genetic Phenotypes Morphants
MGI Foxj2 All available mutants
ZFIN foxj2
First: Comparative genomics on Dkk1 orthologs. [Int J Oncol 2005]
Most recent: Developmental expression of FoxJ1.2, FoxJ2, and FoxQ1 in Xenopus tropicalis. [Gene Expr Patterns 2006]
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Functional Ontologies
GO: Molecular: transcription factor activity
      Biological: regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent
      Cellular Component: nucleus
KOG: [K] Transcription factor of the Forkhead/HNF3 family
Reagents tropicalis laevis
CRISPR / TALEN Design E-CRISP / Other tools
Design E-CRISP / Other tools
Clones EXRC - 1 clone(s)    
GE Dharmacon GE Dharmacon
geneservice/RZPD imagenes geneservice/RZPD imagenes
Affymetrix 1.0 Str.24177.1.S1_at [+]
Affymetrix 2.0 Xl2.48692.1.S1_a_at [+]

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