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Gene Symbol: prmt1

Gene Name: protein arginine methyltransferase 1

Synonyms: xprmt1 , anm1 , hcp1 , ir1b4 , hrmt1l2 , 3E10 , xPRMT1 , xPRMT1b , prmt1-a , prmt1-b ( Add synonyms , Nomenclature history )

Gene Function: methyltransferase

Protein Function :
Arginine methyltransferase that methylates (mono and asymmetric dimethylation) the guanidino nitrogens of arginyl residues present in target proteins. Constitutes the main enzyme that mediates monometh...[+]

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Xenbase Gene ID XB-GENE-484022 XB-GENE-865039 XB-GENE-6254417
Gene Symbol prmt1 prmt1.L prmt1.S
Chromosome Chr07 chr7L chr7S
Molecules tropicalis laevis.L laevis.S
Genomic Sequence Version 9.1 Version 9.2 Version 9.2
CDS Gene model Gene model Gene model
Entrez Gene 448086
mRNA RefSeq RefSeq RefSeq
Protein RefSeq Swiss-Prot TrEMBL TrEMBL Swiss-Prot RefSeq Swiss-Prot TrEMBL TrEMBL Swiss-Prot Swiss-Prot RefSeq TrEMBL Swiss-Prot Swiss-Prot Swiss-Prot
Genomic tropicalis laevis.L laevis.S
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Genomic Synteny Genomicus PANTHER
Expression                  Development Stages    Embryonic TissuesAdult Tissues
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Xenbase Expression Details In situ images Single cell data at SPRING Ensembl In situ: Single cell: RNA-Seq:
Proteomics tropicalis laevis.L laevis.S
Embryonic Protein Expression Stage profile: Stage profile:
Data Mining tropicalis laevis.L laevis.S
XenMine prmt1 prmt1.L prmt1.S
MOD Entrez Gene Genetic Phenotypes Gene Expression
OMIM:Gene, HGNC, GeneCards PRMT1 OMIM Ensembl, Protein Atlas, Allen Brain Atlas
MGI, AGR Prmt1 MGI, IMPC Ensembl, Eurexpress, MGI, Allen Brain Atlas
ZFIN, AGR prmt1 ZFIN Ensembl
fruit fly
First Gene expression screening in Xenopus identifies molecular pathways, predicts gene function and provides a global view of embryonic patterning., Mech Dev 1998                                                              
Most Recent Knocking out histone methyltransferase PRMT1 leads to stalled tadpole development and lethality in Xenopus tropicalis., Biochim Biophys Acta Gen Subj 2020  
All View All Papers 2 paper(s) referencing morpholinos 2 paper(s) referencing Disease Ontology
Functional Ontologies tropicalis laevis.L laevis.S
GO 39 terms 20 terms 27 terms
KEGG Pathways K11434 K11434 K11434
KOG [OKT] Protein arginine N-methyltransferase PRMT1 and related enzymes
Reagents tropicalis laevis.L laevis.S
CRISPRscan Tracks prmt1
Morpholinos prmt1 MO1 , prmt1 MO2 , prmt1 MO3 prmt1 MO1 , prmt1 MO2 , prmt1 MO3 prmt1 MO1 , prmt1 MO2 , prmt1 MO3
ORFs prmt1 ORF1 prmt1.L ORF1 , prmt1.L ORF2 prmt1.S ORF1
Clones Horizon Source BioScience Horizon Source BioScience EXRC Horizon Source BioScience

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