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All tropicalis laevis

Nucleotide sequences for eln2 - All

Models - Gene (3)
Models - mRNA (1)
Unigene Clusters (1)
Gurdon EST Clusters (0)
mRNAs (20)
ESTs (0)

Models - Gene (3)

Source Version Model Species
Xenbase 9.1 gene1246 tropicalis
Xenbase 9.2 gene4518 laevis.L
Xenbase 9.2 gene45669 laevis.S

Models - mRNA (1)

Source Version Model Species
Xenbase 9.1 rna3994 tropicalis

Unigene Clusters (1)

ID Species
Str.53547 tropicalis

Gurdon EST Clusters (0)

mRNAs (20)

Clone Accession Species Library Anatomy Stage
TTpA070k13 CU075851 tropicalis XGC-tadpole whole organism NF stage 35 and 36 to NF stage 40
EU220008 tropicalis
NM_001142826 tropicalis
XM_012970197 tropicalis
XM_012970196 tropicalis
XM_012970195 tropicalis
XM_012970194 tropicalis
XM_012970193 tropicalis
BK006572 laevis.S
BK006571 laevis.L
XM_018239383 laevis.S
XM_018239382 laevis.S
XM_018236736 laevis.L
XM_018236735 laevis.L
XM_018236734 laevis.L
XM_018236733 laevis.L
XM_018236732 laevis.L
XM_018236731 laevis.L
XM_018236730 laevis.L
XM_018236728 laevis.L

ESTs (0)

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