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Xenopus gene nomenclature

Chromosome Nomenclature Guidelines

  • Overview
    1. Chromosomes are numbered from largest to smallest according to tropicalis. Xtr is prefixed to tropicalis chromosomes, and Xla to laevis
    2. tropicalis chromsomes are the reference for naming laevis chromsomes
    3. laevis chromosome 9 (9_10) is analagous to tropicalis chromsomes 9 and 10
    4. laevis homeologous chromosomes are distinguished by having long (L) or short (S) length: Xla1L

    1. Examples:
    2. tropicalis Chromosome: Xtr1
    3. laevis Chromosomes: Xla1L, Xla1S
  • Detailed information
    1. Matsuda et al 2015

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