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Summary Attributions

Clone Name: t-366 Gene: tbxt.S Species: Xenopus laevis  
Description: EXRC Clone Number 366. T, brachyury homolog For the synthesis of RNA and inhibition of Xbra The construct was geneated by destroying the initial methionine in engrailed, derived from the plasmid PMEnT (Badiani et al) and replacing it with a Cla 1 site. The construct is myc tagged via HindIII and a short oligo links myc to the engrailed repressor. The DNA biding domain of Xbra (up to Cla1 site) fused to the engrailed repressor and a myc tag


Full length sequence: PSP64T Xbra-EnR_FullLength [+]



Size: Source Tissue: Stage:


Vector DetailsVector Map
Name: pSP64T

Type: plasmid

5' Restriction Site: null

3' Restriction Site: null
Expression Image


RNA injection:  
Type Size Promoter Linearization Site Description
sense SP6 EcoRI


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