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arr3xenopus lens 

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Cizelsky W et al. (2013) Assay

sox4 and sox11 function during Xenopus laevis eye development.

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arr3.L laevis NF stage 41 lens

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  Figure 3. Sox4 depletion interferes with retinal lamination.Unilateral injection of 40 ng Sox4 or 40 ng Sox11 MO had no effect on the primary formation of most retinal cell types as shown by the expression of specific marker genes in mild eye phenotypes at stage 41. Only ganglion cells disappeared upon depletion of Sox4 or Sox11 in the severe eye phenotype. Many retinal cells were displaced (red arrowheads). Especially photoreceptor cells are displaced into inner layers of the retina (red arrowheads). In addition, the RPE is affected (black arrowheads). The uninjected (uninj.) sides revealed normal retinal lamination. For each marker gene, several embryos of different independent experiments were analyzed and showed a similar phenotype. Scale bar indicates 100 µm.