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ascl1xenopus anterior neural ridge [+] 

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Experiment details for ascl1

Wylie LA et al. (2015) Assay

Ascl1 phospho-status regulates neuronal differentiation in a Xenopus developmental model of neuroblastoma.

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Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
ascl1.L laevis NF stage 12 to NF stage 16 anterior neural ridge

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  Fig. 2. Ascl1 is expressed transiently during noradrenergic development in the anteroventral region Xenopus embryos were fertilized and allowed to develop to the developmental stage indicated before fixing and staining by ISH for NA neuron markers Ascl1, Hand2, Phox2a, and TH along with the neural crest marker Sox10. Embryos are all orientated with the ventral side imaged and head to the top. The anteroventral region where AVNA cell markers are expressed is expanded in the lower panel.