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bmp4xenopus mandibular arch [+] 

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Expression of Bmp ligands and receptors in the developing Xenopus retina.

Expression of Bmp ligands and receptors in the developing Xenopus retina.

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bmp4.L laevis NF stage 32 mandibular arch

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  Fig. 1. Bmp4 mRNA, but not Bmp2, is expressed in the forming Xenopus retina. (A,B) Spatial expression of Bmp2 mRNA in Xenopus embryos processed for wholemount in situ hybridization using digoxige- nin-labeled riboprobe. Lateral views of stage 26/28 (A) and stage 32 (B) embryos. (C,D) Expression of Bmp4 mRNA in wholemount embryos at stages 26/28 (C) and 32 (D). (E,F,H) Transverse sections through retinas of embryos processed for Bmp4 in situ hybridization at stages 26/28 (E), 32 (F) and 35/36 (H). (G) Immunolabeling of BrdU that has incorporated into dividing cells at stage 33/34 shows the location of the ciliary marginal zone (CMZ; white arrowheads), a proliferative region adjacent to the lens. Compare with Bmp4 expression (black arrowhead) at stage 32 (F). Anterior is to the left in panels (A-D). Scale bar in (E) is 50 μm for (E-H). Abbreviations: D, dorsal; V, ventral; ba, branchial arches; e, eye; h, heart; L, lens; nr, neural retina; p, pineal gland; ol, olfactory pits; ot, otic vesicle; rpe, retinal pigmented epithelium.
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