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btg2xenopus pronephric kidney 

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Experiment details for btg2

XBtg2 is required for notochord differentiation during early Xenopus development.

XBtg2 is required for notochord differentiation during early Xenopus development.

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btg2.S laevis NF stage 10.5 to NF stage 28 pronephric kidney

  Fig. 2. Spatio-temporal expression patterns of XBtg2. (A) Expression of XBtg2 at various stages as detected by RTPCR. XBtg2 transcripts were present maternally and increased markedly after the neurula stage (stage 13). (B–I) Whole-mount in situ hybridization analysis of XBtg2 expression. Lateral (B, E– F) and dorsal (C, D) view of whole embryos at indicated stages. (H,I) Transverse sections at the sites indicated by the black lines in (G). XBtg2 was slightly expressed in the animal hemisphere of the embryo at stage 10.5 (B). The black arrowhead indicates dorsal blastopore lip. From stage 12.5, XBtg2 was expressed strongly in the presomitic mesoderm (C). At stage 15, XBtg2 expression was detected in the anterior neural ectoderm (D). At tailbud stages, XBtg2 was expressed in somite, neural tube, notochord, eyes, midbrain and pronephric anlagen (E–I). The expression patterns in dorsal structures showed a dynamic change along the anterior-posterior axis (H, I); no, notochord; s, presomitic mesoderm; ne, neuraltube. (J) In situ hybridization analysis of XBtg2 expression on sectioned embryos. XBtg2 was expressed in the trunk-tail part of notochord, which vanished subsequent to vacuolation.