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ckap5xenopus mitotic spindle 

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XMAP215, XKCM1, NuMA, and cytoplasmic dynein are required for the assembly and organization of the transient microtubule arr...

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ckap5.S laevis unfertilized egg stage mitotic spindle

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  Fig. 2. XMAP215 antibodies stained the MTOC-TMA and meiotic spindles during oocyte maturation. Maturing oocytes were fixed and stained with anti- -tubulin (A, D, and G), a cocktail of three XMAP215 peptide antibodies (B, C, E, and H), and TO-PRO-3 to visualize chromosomes (F, I). (A) At WSF, MTs were observed extending from an MTOC near the vegetal surface of the GV into the nucleoplasm. (B) XMAP215 antibodies stained the base of the MTOC-TMA, and faintly stained MTs extending into the nucleoplasm (a projection of 15 optical sections). (C) XMAP215 antibodies stained the base of a late MTOC-TMA as it approached the animal cortex (0–15 min after WSF, a single optical section). (D–F) XMAP215 co-localized with MTs of the compacted meiotic spindle 15–30 min after WSF (a projection of 16 optical sections). (G–I) XMAP215 colocalized with MTs throughout the first meiotic spindle (30–45 min after WSF, a projection of 13 optical sections). Scale bars are 50 m (A and B) and 10 m (C–I).
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