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dact1xenopus diencephalon 

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Hunter NL et al. (2006) Assay

Vertebrate homologues of Frodo are dynamically expressed during embryonic development in tissues undergoing extensive morphogenetic movements.

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dact1 xenopus NF stage 14 diencephalon

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  Figure 1. Localization of Frodo transcripts during Xenopus embryogenesis. A,B: Lateral views of stage 10 (A) and stage 10.5 (B) embryos (animal is up; dorsal is to the right), showing Frodo expression in the dorsal mesoderm (DM) and neuroectoderm (NE). Embryos were bisected sagittally before whole-mount in situ hybridization. Black arrowheads point to the dorsal lip (DL). C,D: Dorsal views of stage 14 (C) and stage 18 (D) embryos (anterior is up). Frodo expression is detectable predominantly at the edge and the midline (ML) of the neural plate (NP), a part of the diencephalon (arrowheads), in early neurulae (C) and in neural crest cells (NC) at the late neurula stage (D). A-D: Right panels contain schematic diagrams for each embryo shown. E,F: Lateral views of stage 23 (E) and stage 28 (F) embryos (anterior is to the left). Frodo is expressed in the eyes, branchial arches (BA), and presomitic mesoderm (PSM, arrowhead) at the early tail bud stage (E) and is also detectable in the somites (S, arrows) at the late tail bud (F) stage. G: Lateral view of stage 33 embryo (anterior is to the left), showing Frodo expression in branchial arches (BA), somites (S, arrows), and the tip of the tail (arrowhead). H: A transverse section of stage 18 embryo, counterstained in eosin, shows enriched expression of Frodo in neural crest (NC).