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dlx5xenopus pineal gland [+] 

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Experiment details for dlx5

Chen JA et al. (2005) Assay

Identification of novel genes affecting mesoderm formation and morphogenesis through an enhanced large scale functional screen in Xenopus.

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Gene Clone Species Stages Anatomy
dlx5 tgas002c02 tropicalis NF stage 29 and 30 pineal gland

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  Fig. 11. Regionalized expression pattern of clones giving rise to shortened anteriorosterior axis. Seven clones from this synphenotype group gave rise to restricted expression patterns. The images are ordered by clone name. For each clone the species and annotation of the closest matching blastx hit is shown. Abbreviations are: a, anterior view (stage 17); d, dorsal view (stage 17); l, lateral view (stage 11, 28 and 30); v, vegetal view (stage 11).