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dnah5xenopus hyoid arch [+] 

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Vick P et al. (2009) Assay

Flow on the right side of the gastrocoel roof plate is dispensable for symmetry breakage in the frog Xenopus laevis.

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dnah5.L laevis NF stage 43 hyoid arch

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  Fig. 2. Comparison of expression patterns of dnah5, dnah9 and dnah11 in ciliated embryonic tissues. (A–C) Immunohistochemistry using an antibody against acetylated alpha tubulin to highlight cilia. (A) Ciliated cells at the GRP, nephrostomes (B’), epidermis (B”) and tailbud (B’”) of the 2-day tadpoles, and (C) in stomach and small intestine. (D–L) Whole-mount in situ hybridization of staged embryos with dnah5 (D–F), dnah9 (G–I) and dnah11 (J–L) specific antisense probes. GRPs (A, D, G, J), outlined in dorsal explants by dotted lines, are shown in ventral view, anterior to the top. (B, E, H, K) 2-day tadpoles are oriented anterior to the left and dorsal up; blow-ups are indicated by dashed lines. Insets show frontal view of proctodeum (arrowhead). (C, F, I, L) Ventral views of stage 43/44 tadpoles. Proctodeum marked by arrowheads. Note that dnah5 and dnah9 are co-expressed in ciliated cells, with dnah9 showing markedly stronger signals, whereas dnah11 is only expressed in the proctodeum, tailbud and gastro-intestinal tract. Please note also, that dnah5 and dnah9 are restricted to the neural tube of the tailbud, whereas dnah11 is additionally expressed in the posterior wall. cnh, chordoneural hinge; fp, floor plate; nc, neuroenteric canal; no, notochord; s, stomach; si, small intestine.
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