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Characterization of the Ets-type protein ER81 in Xenopus embryos.

Characterization of the Ets-type protein ER81 in Xenopus embryos.

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etv1.S laevis NF stage 33 and 34 fin

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  Fig. 3. Whole mount in situ hybridization analysis of XER81 expression during Xenopus embryogenesis. Staged Xenopus embryos were subjected to whole mount in situ hybridization with XER81 antisense RNA. (A) Blastula (stage 9) embryo (top, animal pole; bottom, vegetal pole). (B) Transverse section of the embryo shown in (A). (C) Gastrula (stage 11) embryo (top-animal hemisphere). (D) Transverse section of the embryo shown in (C). (E,H) Anterior view of staged embryos (stages are indicated). (I,J) Dorsal view of a neurula (stage 17) and a stage 22 embryo; abbreviation: pna, pronephros anlage. (K) Parasagital section of a neural tube stage embryo. (L) Analysis of XER81 expression in a tadpole (stage 34) embryo. (M) is a posterior detail from a sagital section, (N) gives anterior details from a dorsal to ventral series of horizontal sections. Abbreviations: aen, archencephalon; aet, archenteron; anp, anterior neural plate; anr, anterior neural ridge; ba, branchial arches; bc, blastocoel; bv, brain ventricle; cbc, circumblastoporal collar; cg, cement gland; cnh, chorda-neural hinge; dbl, dorsal blastopore lip; den, deuteroencephalon; enc, epithelial layer of neuroectoderm; end, endoderm; ev, ear vesicle; eym, endodermal yolk mass; eyv, eye vesicle; fb, forebrain; fge, foregut epithelium; hm, head mesenchyme; le, lens; mhb, midbrain/hindbrain boundary; mz, marginal zone; nc, notochord; ne, neuroectoderm; nec, neuroenteric canal; pfb, prospective forebrain; pna, pronephvic anlage; pnc, posterior notochord; pnd, pronephric duct; pw, posterior wall; scf, spinal cord floor; scr, spinal cord roof; snc, sensorial layer of neuroectoderm; tae, tip of archenteron; vbl, ventral blastopore lip; vym, vegetal yolk mass.
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